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    Me and four of my closest friends are planning a trip to go around the entire US. The Trip will start in Washington and go down through Cali and over through Navada and into Texas. From There we will then go to Florida and the proceed up to NYC and the Over to Detriot. After that we will then make our way back to washington. Do you guys think this is a good idea going this way? Is there another way we should go while hitting all these place? How much should this cost per person if everything is equal mind you we will sleep in the car most of the trip? Cheap as possible... Thanks for your opinion, anything helps.

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    Five of you, sleep in a car?? Me thinks not!!

    At least not, unless you carry an airconditioning unit and make sure you have somewhere to plug it in when you stop.

    Lifey thinks you need to do some re-thinking

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    the thing is the car we are taking is a full size van with extra space on top of the car to store the luggage. so the sleeping is not the issue. All the seats fold down in the car so it has plenty of room for at least three people to lay down all the way stretched out.

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    Default Wishes and Buts

    As of right now, your proposed RoadTrip is little more than a wishlist consisting of a few very large states strung together. It is pretty much impossible to give you any meaningful advice until you and your friends do some significant groundwork to figure out where you're going, what you want to see, the purpose of the trip, etc., etc., etc. The one thing you have indicated is that you plan to save money by having all of you sleep in a van. This may work (poorly) for one night, but it is not a method of 'lodging' that will stand any test of time. As Lifey pointed out, the problem is the heat and moisture you all will be generating. Lying down is only half the battle. Your little oven is going to get very uncomfortable very fast, particularly if it's already warm and humid, such as in the South. Secondly, even sleeping in your van will not be free. You cannot simply pull over by the side of the road, or sleep in rest areas, or drive into some 'deserted' field. In each case you will be trespassing or otherwise breaking the law and will be subject to arrest, fines, or worse - being introduced to someone's Second Amendment rights and their right (common in the West and South) to protect property with deadly force. There are plenty of planning tools and hints throughout this website. If you want this trip to be a pleasurable, rather than simply memorable, experience you and your friends are going to have to make use of those resources and start doing some serious planning and saving to make this trip a reality.


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    Default Cost basis

    Do you have a target budget that you are trying to adhere to on this trip? "As cheap as possible" is vague. I would think that with five of you that perhaps camping would not be out of the question and it should fit into your budget.

    Sleeping in the car generally is a last resort and even then only for a short period of time. Summer in the South is not the time to first experience what it is like. You stated you have room for "at least three", but there are five of you. I wouldn't want to be one of the two that has to find different lodging.

    With five different people, each one probably has a different idea of what the trip is going to be about. Taking our Road Trip compatibility quiz should give you a better understanding of what your pals are expecting.

    How much time do you have allotted for this trip?

  6. Default More details please

    Where would you like to go in these states? California, for instance, is a big state with a lot to see. San Francisco? LA? Lake Tahoe? Death Valley? Any one of these places is definitely worth seeing, but unless you have unlimited time and money you probably won't get to all of them in one trip. Same with Florida. Disney World? Miami? The Keys? I would suggest choosing "must see" destinations along your route and forming a realistic budget of time and money for each. You can always see those places that are secondary on your list later. And a trip to all four corners of the country would take several weeks at least. That's a long time to be sleeping in a van with four other people. It seems this trip is rather ambitious. Perhaps not trying to do so much would help you get more out of it.

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    The reason i say sleep in the van is the time we need to rest in between driving. I know a trip like this there is no way the whole time to sleep in the car. When we reach each place we want to go we will find a cheap hotel to stay at. The place I stated are brief check points for the places we wanted to go taking in account that this is the basic route we want to take stopping in place along the way. Time is not an issue considering we have 2 1/2 months to do this trip, not using all this time (hopefully). The thing is with the money it is not that big of a deal but i wanted to get a rough estimate of what that might cost? Thanks for your help...

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