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  1. Default Avenue of The Giants Lodging Suggestions?

    In November we're taking a trip from San Luis Obispo, CA to Portland, OR.

    We want to stop and check out the Avenue of The Giants and plan on stopping somewhere in the area for the evening.

    Does anyone have any great and/or horrible stories about local lodging?

    I always like to find some odd little place that isn't a chain, but that also won't cost us a small fortune.

    At the moment based on online reviews (+ price) we'll probably stay at the Rodeway Inn in Eureka.

    But if someone knows of some nice cabins or an old motel with a little character please let me know.

    Thanks !


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    Default Myers Flat

    Quote Originally Posted by 7-How-7 View Post
    In November we're taking a trip from San Luis Obispo, CA to Portland, OR.
    Here's a field report I wrote about Avenue of the Giants -- I think you ought to look for lodging in the Myer's Flat area -- home to Knights Restaurant. I seem to recall several small motels in the area. But if you're going to drive all the way to Eureka -- there are some nice places in Ferndale -- Personally I like the Holiday Inn Express up by the airport in Mckinleyville -- but I'm sure the Rodeway is fine too.


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    Default Beyond Motels

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As is the case with just about anywhere anymore, there are far more options than just hotels, motels, and campgrounds. Some of the nicest places my wife and I have stayed fall within the realm of Bed and Breakfast establishments or B&Bs as they're affectionately known. I suspect if you do a search on "bed breakfast Eureka" or "bed breakfast avenue giants" you'll find some intriguing possibilities. The other non-traditional accommodation is to rent someone's home or rental property. While these are usually let out by the week, you can sometimes find properties available for a day or two. Some sites worth looking at include vrbo, greatentals and CyberRentals, or you can simply search on "vacation rental townname".


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    Thanks - I saw that - l lots of good info - just hoping for some good lodging tips...


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    Oh great AZBuck - I'll check out those sites too - thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post
    if you're going to drive all the way to Eureka
    I stayed in the Best Western at the southern end of Eureka. A very comfortable hotel with some lovely rooms AND an inclusive fry up in the morning. Splendid place!

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