Brand new to the site; probably should have registered many months ago. Anyway, my wife and I are currently on a 6 week cross-country road trip that started in Northeast Florida and takes us in a circle around the country. We're currently going 70mph about an hour outside of Yellowstone National Park. Obviously she's driving!

I did a search and saw that there hasn't been a thread on broadband wireless access on the site in a while, so I wanted to give everyone some firsthand insight: it rocks!! I bought a $39 laptop stand on ebay and signed up for broadband wireless the week before we left. I was thinking that we would get access in the major cities and just use the computer to watch movies and such everywhere else. It has topped my expectations and I can not even imagine how I used to drive multiple hours in a row without it. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about service or what I bought or where we had problems feel free to ask!

We've also been to a BUNCH of national parks in the past 3 weeks, so if anyone has questions about that also ask and I'll do my best to answer. One of the places where service is usually lacking is IN the national parks, so once I get to Yellowstone I might not be able to check again until tomorrow AM. Also, my wife, Tracy, is writing a travel blog about our entire experience during her time in the passenger seat, so check it out: her blog. I might be biased but I think it's a pretty funny/enlightening read.