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    Planning a car trip Minneapolis to New York City for a Broadway show and some of the sights about a year from now. Would like to avoid driving all the way to the city - suggestions for somewhere outside the city to park and train in? Also, there will be 2-1/2 drivers (mom and 2 young adults-1 new driver) and would like to make it with one stop there and one back (on the cheap). Would also like to do Niagra Falls. Suggestions where to stop there and back and highlights to see.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Minneapolis to New York is around 1,200 miles which is just barely inside what you might want to contemplate trying to drive in two days. The problem is that you will lose an hour of the time available to you on the drive east, making it that much harder. If you decide to try, you will need to get a very early start AND time your driving so that you avoid Chicago during any period even remotely approaching a rush hour AND make it as far as Montpelier in northwestern Ohio before stopping for the night, AND get up early the next morning and do it all over again. Doable, but not what I would call fun. Adding a detour to Niagara Falls increases the one way mileage to around 1,350 miles, and that is simply not possible in two days, even with multiple experienced drivers.

    As far as staying outside of NYC, yes, I'd highly recommend that, and waiting for rush hour to subside before heading into town. I'd also suggest that you stay in New Jersey mainly to cut down on the amount of driving you have to do to get to your destination. Cities such as Dover, Lincoln Park, Madison, and many others are served by NJTransit with rail service into NYC, and you should start by looking for suitable lodging near one of its stations.


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