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    Default Late August Road Trip

    So our road trip to Wyoming in June didn't work out. My friend ended up having to fix his car to the tune of $3000.

    My girlfriend, recently into road trips due to a trip for a wedding in from PA to Frederick, Maryland, while making a visit to Harper's Ferry, and I are planning a 6 day road trip through New England.

    We will be starting in Easton, PA and heading up to Burlington, Vermont on August 25 (about 6 and a half hours before adding stoppage time). We visited her family last summer so we are only spending one night in the area. After that we are going to head east to Montepelier, hitting US 2 to New Hampshire to I-93 where we will hit the Kancamangus highway to its end in Conway, New Hampshire before going southeast on 302 into Maine for a stay in Portland for two nights (26 and 27). This will be roughly 4 and a half hours without stopping. Aftwards we will hit 95 south to 101 west to Manchester, New Hampshire where we will stay for the nights of the 28 and 29. This is only a two hour drive. On the way home we will hit US 3 to I-495 then head out on 90 west and southwest on 84 to Connecticut and into New York, and PA going for about a 5 and a half hour drive before stopping.

    My major questions are concerning the US routes, specifically 2, 3, and 101. Also I was hoping to find some great rocky beach areas to visit while on 95/1 between Maine and Manchester. Thanks!

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    Default Sounds great to me

    It looks like a very pleasant and reasonable route to me. It's been too long since I've been there (over a decade) to comment about current "rocky, beaches" but I'm sure one of our New England members will drop by soon.


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