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  1. Default Northern Virginia to Sacramento, CA in 4-5 days?

    I'm relocating to Sacramento in the beginning of August and decided to drive with 4 of my close friends from Northern VA. Due to time constraints (ie. work/time off) we're trying to sight see and finish the trip within 4-5 days but the driving itself will take over 2 I'm wondering if it is possible to see the Grand Canyon, L.A., and maybe some other spots within the allotted time frame. Any advice and words of wisdom will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Default not physically possible

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    Sorry, but what you are hoping to do simply can not be done without bending the rules of physics. Even if you could drive every minute of every day for two day (which you can't do even with 4 people) you'd still need more than 48 hours to physically cover the distance! So saying "the drive will take 2 days" simply can not work.

    In the real world, The drive itself takes 5 long hard days, and that's before you factor in any time for sightseeing! Even with that amount of time, you'd have to be on the road for more than 10 hours a day each day, leaving time for only quick short stops for sightseeing. Even trying to do it in 4 means traveling around 14 hours a day for each of those days, which is an exhausting pace that you really can't do for 4 days in a row without pushing your own physical limits, and it certainly doesn't allow for anything extra.

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    Default Not happening

    Unfortunately for you, it simply cannot be done. This is a 5 day drive. You might be able to go to an area here and there, but chances of seeing anything would be slim as you would only "see" the place outside the windows of your moving vehicle.

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    Thanks for your replies! :) So I guess 4-5 days is pushing it so what about within 7 days?

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    Default better

    As we've said, you need about 5 days to make the drive, so having 7 gives you basically 2 days to sightsee. That means you could then spend a day each at the Grand Canyon and LA, or spend spend a little less time in those places and have a bit more time to make other stops. You still won't have a ton of time, but if you are ok with just making quick stops, you certainly could make the trip on that timeline.

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