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    Default Two UK girls travelling from Phoenix to Las Vegas


    I wonder if anyone can help me, my friend and I are planning our trip Phoenix to Las Vegas for March next year. We've done a lot of research of places to go and things to see, since we'll be taking a 10 hour flight just to get to Arizona (from the UK) we are keen not to miss much!

    We have booked flights and a hotel in Phoenix for the first night and then plan to hit the road going up towards Sedona, then onto the Grand Canyon, Then Lake Havasu City and finally from there up to Las Vegas where we have a hotel booked for 3 nights and flying home from Las Vegas. All in all there is two weeks between our flight out to PHX and our flight back to LHR.

    This will be our first ever road trip. We are really excited, and somewhat apprehensive, and are keen on being prepared properly as we dont really know what to expect. We are beginning to think that perhaps it may be a slightly ambitious trip for our first time but we fell in love with all the beautiful things in the area.

    So the only issue we are having is that we have no idea how much time to set aside in the different places. We were hoping to set aside 2 days for the Grand Canyon and 2 days in Havasu City, but other than that we have no idea how best to plan the time. Is 2 days at the Grand Canyon enough?

    Also are there any places/things to see that are off the beaten tourist track along this route that anyone knows of?

    I'd hate to get behind on a Schedule and be rushing around and not enjoying our time or driving through the night to keep on track or vice versa, the trip being too short and having time to kill before our stay in Vegas... any ideas or advice for taking a trip like this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time i know it's a long post!

    Dina :)

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    Default Thelma and Louise style !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 2 weeks you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the experience, all to often people try to do to much with to little time, you are not in that category by a long way.

    I would have a look at the map for other things that are of interest to you and use the search button to find more info on them. If you have the car for your stay in Vegas there are quite a few spectacular day trips you could take. From Phoenix to Sedona you have the beautiful Red rock countryand you could head a little further East before GC and visit Monument valley and between the Grand canyon and Lake Havasu you could hit part of original route '66.
    Have a look around and as you build your trip keep asking us questions and we can help you get the best from it !

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    Hey, Thanks for the welcome!
    The links you provided are really useful thank you so much for your help. I probably will have more questions at some point lol! Thanks for your time, it really is appreciated. I feel a lot better knowing that the time period we have set is pretty realistic now was getting worried we were getting a bit overambitious!
    Dina :)

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    Default More places to visit near Vegas

    If this is your first visit check out the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, if you come out again, you could book a trip down to the Phantom Ranch on the Canyon floor. You have to book well in advance.

    If the Grand Canyon Caverns don't sound appealing you can visit Grand Canyon West and see the glass "skywalk" at that location.

    Monument Valley is an excellent place to visit. The Trading Post in the Hotel is a little expensive but they have a wonderful selection of Native American products if you just want to window shop!

    The Navajo National Monument is pretty close to Monument Valley and you can hike down to the see the cave dwellings:

    There's also Lake Powell if you want to stay on a houseboat:

    I would strongly recommend The Valley of Fire over Lake Mead, unless you like to fish. I saw a little girl throwing popcorn off the dock there and forty or fifty fish trying to eat it. All you needed was a landing net (would that be cheating?)

    Although I have been to Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon ... I will be up at Yosemite this weekend but hope to have reviews for all three Parks completed in the next couple of weeks. I have been to Zion four times and to Bryce twice. They are both wonderful locations. At Zion I have RV camped and also stayed at Flanigans (a very nice little hotel) If you get to Bryce I can definitely recommend the horse ride down into the Canyon.

    If you need information on any other locations in this area let me know, as there is a good chance that I have been there or driven through a lot of the places (especially in Utah). Lake Havasu is nice and you'll get to see the original London Bridge and a somewhat kitschy re-creation of England. Swimming in the lake is like taking a hot bath!

    Kind Regards,

    An expat from Rolleston-on-Dove, Staffordshire, England.

    {Julian is a travel writer for, and you can find some of his reviews about these places on his site).
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