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  1. Default El Paso, TX to Vancouver. Need some feedback

    I am planning on this trip from El Paso, TX to Vancouver, roundtrip via Interstate 25 and 90. On my way back I'll travel down the Pacific coast. After LA, head East to Phoenix, then back to El Paso.
    I need some feedback/tips/thoughts.


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    Default a blank slate

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Other than your destination and routes, you really haven't told us anything about you or your trip, and thus its hard to provide much feedback. How much time do you have for your trip, what's your budget, and most importantly, what sorts of things are in you interested in and where are you thinking of stopping along the way?

  3. Default More info on trip =]

    ... the time for the trip will be about two weeks. We like scenery viewing and natural landscapes; rivers, mountains, lakes, canyons. We also like walking around big cities and to take pictures as much as we can. Mylo (our dog) is coming with us, so we're not planning on getting indoors that much. Since we're couchsurfing, the budget money we have allocated is pretty much for gas, food, and some emergency cash for hotel. We will be driving a four cylinder sedan (Mazda) which is not as good as it sounds on fuel efficiency; it will probably get better after i got the injectors cleaned.
    We also like cold places (i know is summer, but still) so Salt Lake City is on the plan as well as Vancouver.

    Any thoughts? Do you think it is too rushed? What places do you recommend?
    thanks again

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    Default That won't meet that desire!

    Quote Originally Posted by leberumen View Post
    We also like cold places (i know is summer, but still) so Salt Lake City is on the plan as well as Vancouver.
    Let's see Salt Lake Temps are in the mid-90's to about 101 for the last couple of weeks of July and Vancouver will be mid-70s to a high of the low 90's. You need to go higher in elevation than either of those places if you are looking for cooler weather!


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    By the time you have added in a few diversions you are looking at over 4000 miles and 8 solid days of driving so with two weeks you have time for some sight seeing. If you stick to the coast it will be slow going and you might want to alternate it a bit on the way down.
    Use the search button to look for thousands of suggestions on the forums and perhaps the "find a park" feature on the NPS site will help. If you plan on visiting a few parks [4 or more] and Fed lands it might be worth purchasing an annual pass for $80 as it can work out cheaper than paying individually.

    When you have gathered some ideas and started to build a picture let us know and perhaps we can help you "fine tune" your trip.

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