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    Hello all,

    Myself and 4 friends are planning on going backpacking for an 8 month period beginning in May 2010.

    We have a flight itinerary which has us arrive in New York in the beginning of May, spend a couple of months travelling across America to eventually depart from Los Angeles airport to the Cook Islands at the end of June/beginning of July.

    The dates aren’t set in stone, but this is the expected timescale we plan on spending in the US and when we’d be flying on to our next location. I was looking for any information or advice on the routes you would suggest, the cheapest forms of transport/accommodation and any other hints or tips from anyone’s past experiences.

    We’re looking at surviving on around about £1000 a month which would mean we’d have about $3100~ based on the current exchange rates (which we hope improves!!). Do you think this is a realistic amount to travel across America in a 2 month timescale?

    Also, we haven’t planned the fine details to the trip, but have had plenty of discussions on what route through America would be best to really appreciate some of the major sites. Due to the financial aspect of the trip we’re not really planning on hoping from North to South continually to ensure we see everything so we’d also like people opinions on a fairly linear route from East to West.

    As mentioned, we’re still in the fairly early stages of planning our trip across America having focused a lot of our time on the remainder of the time we’re looking to travel. Any input is really appreciated and if you need any further information from me, please do not hesitate in asking.



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First of all, when you are talking about your budget, I assume you'd mean you'd have a little over $3000 total for two months per person? That's not a lot of money, and it will take some work to get everything into that amount. You'll have some advantages being in a large group, but many of those will be cancelled out because you'll need to get 2 of a lot of things, like campsites or motel rooms.

    Your transportation will really be far and away your toughest option. I get the feeling you are under 25, which means car rental would be very expensive and probably not feasable under your budget. That's pretty much going to mean trains and buses, which will limit the options for places that you can go.

    These are the things I think you'll have to focus on most as you work to make this trip a reality. Good Luck!

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    Thank you, must say the RTA Forum is a fantastic place for beginners such as me.

    Yes, it would be around $3000-$3500 per person, across the two month period. Does anyone have any suggestions in terms of the cheapest routes across America using any form of transport other than a plane?

    We're all under 25 so car hire is out of the question, it'd most likely be too expensive in the grand scheme of things anyway.

    Having done some limited research into the way in which we could get across America, I feel the Greyhound bus service may be a viable option, does anyone have any feedback on the service and whether they feel it would accomodate what we wanted?

    In terms of accomodation itself, what would you feel be the cheaper option? Hostels? Camping? A combination of the both?

    As always, any information or past experiences will be such a huge help.



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    I live in the US and personally, you couldn't pay me to take the Greyhound on a short trip, let alone across the country for a few months. It's time consuming, involves a lot of waiting, planning, and dealing with delays and loud babies/people on buses. They are hot in the summer and many bus stations are not near anything you will be walking to. There will be lots of boring times spent on the bus and you can't just get off when you see something cool you want to stop at.

    When you get off the bus, how will you get around where you are? Taxi's are expensive and are hard to find outside of cities. I think you would be better off finding certain places you want to stay for a while like: camping at one of the many federal or state parks for a week then moving on to a city you really want to see and staying at a hostel.

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    Also, you can have 4 people at one campsite and 4 in one hotel room (as long as you don't mind sleeping 2 to a bed). Many federal and state sites range from $12-20 for a basic site and go up with electricity/water hook ups. Many also have cabins for rent but are sometimes just as much as a hotel.

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