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    Me and a friend are going on a week long road trip starting in New York City going up through southern New England, then westwards to Buffalo, and then south through Pennsylvania to Washington DC, before returning to N.Y.C again.

    I'm up for any tips concerning anything! So far we've only planned a few scenic routes and stuff like that, but anything is welcome!

    Also, what is really the best way of accomodation when on a road trip? I've searched for cheap hostels and hotels, is that the best? Are there a lot of roadside motels that are cheaper than regular hostels?

    Thanks in advance! / Tim

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    Default Some Background Reading

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    One of the best things about these forums is that you don't have to rely on someone remembering a particular place when you ask, especially if you are going to be covering a large and diverse area. Past discussions are all still around and available for your perusal. The best of those having to do with the region you want to explore were gathered up a while a go by Mark, so go have a read through those threads, and be sure to follow all the links down a few levels to get their full worth.

    Unfortunately, there is no single best hotel, hotel, or chain recommendation that we can make. What you're doing by looking at what's available at each location where you plan to spend the night can be tedious, but it is the best way.


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    Thanks a lot, I'll have a look in those threads!

    Another thing about accomodation though.. Is it best to book everything in advance before I fly over there (I'm from Sweden). Or is it possible to just start looking for a cheap place to stay when the evening comes closer each day?

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    Unless you are in a resort area in high season, it's generally safe to find lodging as you go.

  5. Default Any ideas?

    Hi everyone,
    I am planning a roadtrip with two mates from New Zealand around the northeast part of North America from June 22 - July 27. We would like to visit DC, NYC, Boston and Montreal. We would love to get some ideas of where else to visit around that area. For example should we go all the way up to Quebec and Maine, or out east to Toronto and Detroit, or down south to Virginia Beach? We will have a car but our budget is pretty limited. Any and all advice would be much appreciated!

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