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    Hi, I just found this site while planning my next crazy road trip. I never used to bother planning any of them, but know I guess I'm getting a little older and

    I plan to leave this Saturday (23rd may) from phx. I was thinking to driving up to Bryce canyon, then Montana, Wyoming, south Dakota, then Chicago, Pittsburgh and finally DC. I was hoping people would tell me interesting things to do on the way, or suggest a more scenic route. I am planning to reach DC by monday night. I know it seems a little rushed, but I drove from PHX to Maine and back last summer in 40 hrs each way including stops.

    So, I need to find a route that is really scenic and doesn't require me to stop at any place for more then an hour. This cuts out most tours and stuff like that. But if it's something that is awesome, then I would love to do it.

    Any suggestions folks?

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    Default no

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry, but the trip your planning isn't just rushed, its recklessly unsafe. There just is no way to do what you are talking about and get enough rest to safely be on the road.

    Traveling direct, you'd need to be on the road for 14 hours a day for the three days you have planned. To add in the detour you're talking about means you'd need to be on the road for 1100 miles a day. You're talking 20 hours a day on the road, plus the extra time it will take to travel through places like Bryce Canyon that are on 2 lane roads.

    If you traveled from PHX to Maine in 40 hours, then you had to be driving recklessly, above the speed limit, and without enough rest. There's no way that it can be physically done otherwise. It is lucky that you didn't hurt yourself or someone else.

    While no one on an internet forum can stop you from doing something so reckless again, you won't find anyone here who will provide you with advice to encourage your dangerous and potentially deadly behavoir. If we did, we'd be no better than someone who gives the keys to someone who plans to drive drunk.

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    Default Yep, don't do it !

    Forget about it !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It's about 2350 miles from Phoenix to Washington DC by the taking I-40/81 which will mean being on the road for 13 plus hours a day. To try and go via Bryce and Montana etc is just not possible in that time frame. you would need to cover over a 1000 miles a day and you want to sight see !

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    I forgot to mention that there are 4 drivers that switch off.

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    Default Switch off ?

    Well, being able to swap drivers on the direct route will help out but you are then talking of 4 people stuck in a car with each other for 13-14 hours a day with only short stops for food and gas etc. and getting proper rest won't be easy unless you are planning on using Motels. Your other option remains exactly the same, 20 hours a day driving, no sight seeing and no proper rest and extremely dangerous. It is not a viable option, please don't consider it if you have to be in Washington DC BY Mon night.

    Travel safe !

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    I'm actually very flexible, i am now planning to start Friday morning, and reach Tuesday. I just want a decent route to drive through. I could cut straight across passing Denver, St. Louis then DC, but I've already done that, so was looking for something new. Oddly enough on my 40hr trip I did not cross the speed limit even once, it doesn't take as long as people think. I am used to very long drives.

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    Default yeah, that's not possible

    Its 2800 miles from Phoenix to the southern tip of Maine. To do that in 40 hours would require you to average 70 miles per hour, without stopping. Obviously, much of the trip is in the east, where the speed limit is 65, but more importantly, that's assuming you could drive non-stop. To average 70 miles per hour over that distance, including stops, you'd have to be driving at an average on the road speed well over 80 miles per hour, well over the speed limit in every state.

    I think you are making a mistake in your memory, because the math simply doesn't work based on the story you are telling.

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