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    Default Advice while towing car cross country

    Hello all.. looking for some friendly advice for my next cross country trip to Arizona..

    My wife and I will be moving to our home in Arizona in the summer and I have scheduled to rent a big truck and trailer to tow one of our two cars..

    I was looking for some resources online on how to find out where to park when staying at hotels along the way.. so far looks like I would have to call around at each nites stop and ask for "pull thru" parking since I wouldn't be able to back it up to get out the next morning..

    Any ideas or comments would sure be appreciated..

    Don J

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    Default pretty easy

    Most motels located near an interstate will have plenty of parking for a large trucks with trailers. If you stay at older mom/pop places, then you have to be more careful, those classic U-shaped motels can be really tricky to manuver through, although even there, there is usually some place you can park.

    Calling ahead is probably the only way you'll know for sure in advance, but its rarely been an issue when I've traveled with a truck/trailer combo.

    The most important thing I can tell you is that make sure you've got room to move before you pull into the parking lot. Once at a old school motel in Barstow, I pulled into the parking lot assuming it was a U, but it looked like I had enough room, and it was late and I just wanted to get off the road. It turns out it was only an L shaped lot, which made for a very tricky "austin powers" style U-turn, that I'd never want to do again.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the advice.. I was pretty sure I would be left to calling the hotels while on the road.. but since I was doing research I thought I would ask all you fellow travelers..

    Any other suggestions..all comments are welcomed and appreciated

    Don J

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    Default A Trick to Put in Your Bag

    While some motels that cater to long haul truckers will have special pull through spaces, at others you may have to simply park across several normal car spaces 'sideways'. In such a case, plan on parking your other car in the space ahead of your truck just to make sure that no one else takes that space and boxes you in. then in the morning it's a simple matter of having your wife pull out first and leave you a clear shot at getting on your way.

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    Default Reply

    Thanks for that advice AZBucks.. while I have your attention.. any knowledge about taking a southern route out of NM via Rt25 and then hookup with I 10 going towards Tucson and then on towards our home in the Phoenix area..

    I had some rough travel with the trucks coming out of Flagstaff ( up and down hills on I 17) and would like to avoid that if possible.. if the above route is any better.. I don't mind if it is longer.. just looking for less strain on that final haul into my new home state

    Thanks again

    Don J

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    Default Assuming Albuquerque

    I understand what you mean about I-17 down to Phoenix. I had a bad experience myself there once due to the grade. It had nothing to do with trucks or other traffic, but the road does lose elevation rapidly as it drops down off the Mogollon Rim to the desert floor. I had a bad cold and couldn't get my ears to 'pop', to the point where I had to pull off because I thought my head was going to explode and I couldn't see straight. Anyway, assuming you'll be coming through Albuquerque on your way to Phoenix, it's about 465 miles from there to Phoenix using I-40/I-17, so that's your reference point. Coming down I-25 and then heading west on I-10 ups that to 565 miles (using the NM-26 cutoff from Hatch to Deming). So whether it's worth the extra two hours is a call you'll have to make, but that drive is a good bit flatter and more 'straight'forward.


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    Thanks again AZBuck.. your information is just what I was looking for.. the extra miles are no biggie versus my nerves and the truck "grinding" those gears on I 17... so it looks like my decision is to go "the extra mile" and take the easy way out..


    Don J

    Hopefully I can continue my fun times and report this final trip like the last two and someone can get some good information outta my "tale"

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    I had to take I-25/Hatch/I-10 myself a couple years ago to avoid snow in Flagstaff on my way from here to San Diego. Yes, it's longer, but a lot easier route to take when towing.

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