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    This will be my second trip over this general route. My middle son is now driving age and its my tradition to spend 8-9 days sharing the drive around the country. I love the look and feel of the west and mid west. I prefer to avoid interstates after reaching colorado to enjoy the mountain drives. Im looking for any interesting routes to take other than my usual. Here is the usual..........
    after interstate 70 to denver, rocky mountain park loop and then hwy 50 through montrose to durango over the mountain and west to four corners. Stopping at mesa verde of course. On to the Grand canyon before north to zion and bryce canyon. The next area is Jackson,WY and Yellowstone. Heading east, probably stopping at Rushmore and badlands before making the push for home in knoxville tennessee.
    I would like to follow this general route, but any interesting detours or scenic roads that are a must see will be appreciated. We will be heading out June 16th.This year my father(75) will be going with us to see america. My first 3 generation road trip.

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    Default You've Done This Before?

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    Driving 4,500 to 5,000 miles in 8 or 9 days will certainly give you the opportunity to see a lot of roads. But not much else, I'm afraid. That's 500-600 miles a day, about what our experience has shown us to be the upper end of what can be driven in a day with minimal stops for food, fuel, and maybe a quick photo op or two. This may be old hat and "the usual" to you, but it will be a unique experience for the other two generations involved. Since you seem to have a pretty good feel for what's available to you and the routes you enjoy taking, my one piece of advice is to either cut back on the miles or add a day (or three) to the mix so that everyone can enjoy the places you're spending so much time and effort getting to.


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    Thanks for the advice. Its really not that bad. The first day is alot of driving to get as close to Denver as possible on day one. 900 or so miles the first and last day works for me, sharing the driving and the conversation is priceless. My mother has passed away since the last drive, so i know that lots of stories and memories of her will be the highlight of those days. The days in the middle we like to hit the road around 7am and drive till about 6pm. Get a nice dinner and look over the next days section. My father cant walk much or far distances, so most sightseeing will be from the car or pull-offs and overlooks in the mountains. I did see the wheel chairs can be checked out at the grand canyon, so maybe a short ride to some scenic spots a possibility. Just to watch how this country changes as you travel is incredible. The real purpose of my trips with my boys are to just be together, no arguing, no fighting, just us time. I hope these trips plant the seed that makes them want to take time to return someday, spend more time at the Canyon,Yellowstone,Zion, etc....I asked my oldest son what he remembered the most from our drive in 2005 and he said leaving Rocky mountain NP, he saw a house beside a lake that had the reflection of the mountains in it, and it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen.

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    Have you ever been up or down the Moki Dugway?

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    Default Then Some New Possibilities

    As long as you know what you're getting into and what limits you're imposing on yourselves. I still think 900 miles in a day, any day, is way too much to be enjoyable, but there are some roads you can take that will be 'new' to you and still enjoyable to your father and son. Just some of the options you might want to consider would be foregoing Rocky Mountain National Park and instead stay a bit farther south. Head first for Little Rock and then leave I-40 using US-70 to Hot Springs National Park and US-270/AR-88 to Mena where you can take the Talimena Scenic Drive into Oklahoma. US-59 will then take you north to rejoin I-40 to Amarillo.

    From Amarillo, you can strike out northwest on US-87/US-64 and maybe drive to the top of an extinct volcano then up I-25 to Walsenburg where US-160 strikes west through the Rockies over Wolf Creek Pass to Mesa Verde and Monument Valley and then the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

    After looping around through Las Vegas you can continue north up I-15 to Zion, Bryce Canyon and on to Yellowstone. A final 'mountain road' of US-14 will take you east to Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands before the final run for home.


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