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    Hi! My husband and I are planning a road trip from Seattle to Boulder this July. All we know so far is that we want to stop in McCall, Idaho to spend a night at the Burgdorf Hot Springs. We would like to spend 2-4 nights in Boulder as we will be visiting family. We will have our dogs with us, and we want to camp along the way. We will only have a total of 16 days.

    We will probably head South on I-5 to Highway 84 across Southern Washington and into Idaho. Maybe spend a night on the way to McCall or get to McCall in one day. What's the best way to get from Highway 84 to McCall?

    Any suggestions on best routes from McCall to Boulder?

    We haven't decided if we'll head back through Wyoming and Montana or Utah, Nevada, California, and Oregon. Suggestions?

    I really appreciate your help!!!
    Thank you,

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    From Seattle, I-90 and I-82 is a better way to get to I-84, unless you specifically want to drive up the gorge.

    I just found McCall, and ran a route from Seattle. It says to take I-90 to exit 137, then WA-26 to Colfax, US-195 to Lewiston, US-95 to New Meadows, than ID-55 to McCall. This is 480 miles, much of which are on mountain roads.

    The other option is I-84 to the OR-ID state line, then US-95 north to ID-55 to McCall. That's 530 miles if you take 90 and 82 to get to 84, 630 miles if you go via Portland.

    I don't know what kind of time you can make on the non-Interstate roads - maybe Judy is familiar if she sees this thread, but I think one day might be pushing it if you take the first route. You could do it in 1 long day if you take the 90-82-84 way.

    To get from McCall to Boulder, take ID-55 south to Boise (or US-95 back to I-84), then I-84 to I-80 to I-25. This is 960 miles and a full 2 day trip. The halfway point for an overnight would be somewhere around or east of SLC - probably Evanston, WY.

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    Default Lots of options

    With a total of 16 days, if you use 4 in Boulder to visit family, that still leaves you 12 days. You can really meander and explore.

    As GLC suggested, you could do this in a day "The other option is I-84 to the OR-ID state line, then US-95 north to ID-55 to McCall. That's 530 miles if you take 90 and 82 to get to 84, 630 miles if you go via Portland." But, since you have time for taking it easier, why rush?

    84 through Oregon is actually quite a lovely drive. You could make stops in Pendleton and Baker City for some historic stuff. But I also realize this could be tough with the dogs as you won't want to leave them in the car for more than about 5 minutes in the heat that time of year.

    I think your dogs would enjoy this route to McCall better. I would take 1.5-2 days to do this and really enjoy it. Once you leave I-90, you'll be going through desert, farmland, coulees, the palouse, etc. It's beautiful.
    Palouse Falls is a gorgeous stop and you can camp there. If you want to push on farther, there's a lot of camping new Lewiston/Clarkston. I'd go no further the first day so you can really enjoy the beautiful drive that awaits you.

    You'll be going through a part of the Nez Perce Reservation. You might plan a stop at the cultural center. You'll start heading up into the mountains and should really enjoy the landscape and views. The forests are gorgeous and you will follow the Snake (or is it the Salmon?) River part of the way. Towns like Riggins are worth getting out and exploring.

    Anywhere along this route, you will have numerous places to stop for a picnic and to let the dogs stretch their legs.

    I just can't say enough about this entire route. Especially the parts in Idaho. In fact, the drive from McCall to Lewiston is one of my most favorite drives. It's just lovely.

    As for the rest of the way to Boulder, and then the way you might want to circle back, it seems like you'll have about 9 days to play with and we would need to know more about what you'd like to see and do with that time before we could give you good recommendations.

    Keep pouring over maps and asking questions.
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