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    First of all, thanks for creating a site like this!

    Trip Duration: 2 Weeks (9th September to 23rd September 2009)
    Dates have not been booked yet so can be changed. Was advised to not arrive on the 8th because of labour day.

    How Many Of Us: Me and 4 other adults all between 25 and 35 are planning to hire an RV from El Monte in Dallas and drive to San Francisco. We have chosen this because of the 2 weeks we only have, do you think this is enough or not enough, should we start somewhere else?

    Are there any objections/suggestions/recommendations on the RV company we have picked? Any would be welcomed as this is our first US road trip.

    Any idea how long it would take to drive an RV to San Francisco from Dallas?

    What we want from this: Texas area, cowboy stuff, not sure how to explain but anywhere that allows us to camp and possibly help out at a ranch to get a real feel for this, then move on to what ever suggestions everyone else has.

    We would like to stop off in Vegas towards the end, but other than that our trip is open to all suggestions.

    Many thanks in advanced to all help offered :)

    Martin (UK)

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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    With 2 weeks you have enough time to enjoy the region and get to San Fran. It would be possible to get to SF in 4-5 days in an RV but to see everything in between would take a lifetime so you will need to search the forums for things that appeal to you all.
    It's important to discuss what you want from the trip to ensure the trip goes smoothly.
    The RTA compatibility quiz is a good method of getting a discussion started.

    I can't help with the "cowboy thing" but there are so many great National parks between A and B [which are great for camping in] from Carlsbad caverns and White sands in New Mexico to the Petrified forest and Grand canyon in Arizona to the parks of Utah such as Zion and Bryce canyon. [To name a few]
    From Vegas to SF a popular route is to cross Death Valley and cross the Sierra Nevada range on Tioga pass [120] into Yosemite. A fascinating drive with scenery you won't see the likes of here in the UK. You might want to leave a couple of days spare for the Pacific coast highway around Big Sur. When you and your mates have done some researching and have an idea of what you might want to do let us know and we can help piece it all together.

    Are there any objections/suggestions/recommendations on the RV company we have picked?
    El Monte are one of the big two in the States and the other is Cruise America, I found the latter to be better value when I have compared in the past but either one should be fine.

    planning to hire an RV from El Monte in Dallas and drive to San Francisco. We have chosen this because of the 2 weeks we only have
    I am not sure of the reasoning behind this ? The RV will be slower than a car and using Motels with 4 of you sharing the cost should work out similar on cost.[Motels possibly being cheaper] Although if you are planning on spending time on a working ranch I am not sure how feasible an RV is, you would need to check it out before leaving. If it's a lifestyle choice then personally I don't think you can beat the RV for getting a real feel of your surroundings.

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    Thank you for your very quick response. Will pull together the details and post for further clarification.

    Thanks again!

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