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    I am moving out to san fran from chicago end of March and plan to drive with some valuables, tv, home theatre, clothes, etc, in the car with me. Not going to rent a truck and not sure I will have snow tires. I drive a 2003 Honda Accord. I am looking for guidance on what to expect: safety in the rockies, safety of my valuables, road closures in WY and NV, etc. Any good food places to stop, I would love that info as well. What cities or towns would you recommend I shack up in for the night? This isn't a vacation so I will be powering out the trip, but anything to make it more bearable would be fantastic. I will be traveling solo but I figure at my age, 29, it shouldnt be a problem as long as I play it safe.

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    This trip really should be pretty straightforward. You didn't say exactly when you are traveling, but all-season tires are usually just find for interstate travel, and if you are sticking to I-80, you don't even have much for mountain passes to deal with in the rockies. That's not to say that you can't see a snow storm in spring that would force you to slow down or even stop for a day, but you're not likely to see snow every single day either.

    At a bit over 2000 miles, this is a trip that can comfortably and safely be done in 4 days. Roughly even stopping points would be Lincoln NE, Rawlins WY, and Elko NV

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    any recommendations on some great grub in NE WY NV? It would be great to get a little taste of what these cities and states have to offer.
    any recommended stops for photo ops?

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    Most of my driving on I-80 has been in the East, where 'brown meat and gravy' franchises such as Bob Evans abound, but I did happen to cross it going north/south in Elko, NV a few years back, and I strongly suggest you stop there for this experience. Elko is in the middle of sheep raising country and has a strong Basque community. There are a few restaurants in town that cater to them with old world cooking. I ate at the Star Hotel which features family style meals where dishes come in serving tureens and everyone helps themselves. Indeed most tables were occupied by large boisterous groups that were into having a good time and good food, but they had no problem accommodating me as a solo customer. The other place I had recommended to me but did not try was the Biltoki. Fortunately, Elko is small enough that if you just pull into town and ask a local or two, you should have no trouble getting directions and opinions.

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