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    I am trying to plan a trip. I was thinking of flying into near Monument Valley (is Las vegas the closest airport?) hiring a car and taking in Paria canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and possibly Zion, before driving to Los angeles. Can i go through Death valley on the way to LA also? Can you give me a rough estimate of time it'd take to drive from Monument or Bryce Canyon to Hollywood?

    Is their a usual trip people do that combine these places of interest? I am from th UK so any help is appreciated. If anyone has any suggestion that'd be good too.


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    There are three airports that are nearly equidistant (at least time-wise) from Monument Valley. They are Salt lake City, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. I think you can choose any one of those and make a great one-way trip to Los Angeles that would include all the places you've listed plus a few more. If you land in Phoenix Las Vegas, then you can include the Grand Canyon on your way to Monument Valley. If you land in Salt Lake City then Arches National park is conveniently on the way. After Monument Valley, you'd head west across northern Arizona and southern Utah to Zion and/or Bryce Canyon, (back?) through Las Vegas and on to Death Valley, then south around the Sierra Nevada to Los Angeles. As a general rule of thumb, plan on covering about 400-500 miles a day on most of the roads you'll be on, a little bit more, ,550 or so if you'll be mainly on Interstates (e.g. Las Vegas to Los Angeles). For more info on what others have done in this same this general area, have a read through these discussions.


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    Default one more option

    In addition to the ideas that Buck mentioned, you also could look at Flying into Albuquerque which would be along the same time lines as the other options that Buck laid out.

    Actually, the closest two airports would be Flagstaff or Durango, but both of them have more limited air service and car rental options, but they might work as well.

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    I think the most important thing is how much time you have for making this trip. It is a popular trip and one that can work well as a one way trip, and as previously mentioned Grand canyon, could and should [unless you have visited before] be included.
    As Buck mentioned you can physically drive 500 plus miles a day and getting from Zion or GC to LA in a day is possible, but you can just as easily spend a couple of nights at places like Zion and GC alone.

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    Thanks for all your info & suggestions.

    I've been to Grand canyon & Las Vegas in the past so don't need to include them on my itinerary this time round. Also - this is actually part of a trip to LA, i have a few extra days in LA & i thought i'd re-route & fly into one of the airports you mention above & drive down to LA, stopping off at a couple of the parks en route over a few days. As i don't know the driving conditions / speed limits on these routes can anyone help me out with approx journey times room the closest airport (flying in from Philadelphia so local airports prob won't be possible) to maybe Bryce & Bryce to Monument Valley & Monument Valley to LA. I'd lke to try & fit in Zion or Paria also, but don't know how possible that'd be...
    Any help would be very much appreciated!


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    Default Some options.


    There isn't to much in it between Albuquerque and Phoenix to M/V time wise, both options near to 6 hours. From Phoenix you could go through Red rock country near Sedona or from Albu past Canyon De Chelley. From M/V to Bryce canyon via Page would be a little less time. A night there and a leisurely drive to Zion for a night [if you have time] and down I-15 towards Vegas. It's possible to get from Zion to LA in a day but you could either stay in Vegas and [or] detour across Death valley time permitting.

    If the flights are cheaper to Vegas or you prefer to start there, reverse the trip from Zion and head from M/V to LA using I-40 with an overnight stop on route.

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    Interstate speed limits in that area of the country are generally:

    CA - 70, 55/65 urban
    NV, AZ, NM, UT - 75, 60/65 urban

    Non-Interstates - 50 to 65

    If you want to hit Zion and Bryce, I'd fly into Las Vegas. LV to Zion is 2.5 to 3 hours. Zion to Bryce is 1.5 to 2 hours. Bryce to MV is 6 to 7 hours via Escalante, Torrey, Hanksville, and the Moki Dugway. MV to LA is about 12 hours.

    Depending on how much time you want to spend in each park, I would allocate 5 days. Set up a car rental for LV pickup and LA dropoff.

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