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    I'm flying over to the US with my sis at the end of November, the ultimate destination being Las Vegas, but we've got a spare 24 hrs or so for a bit of a road trip (not enough time for anything involving stops unfortunately!) and were originally going to fly into San Francisco and drive from there.

    I've been thinking about alternative start-off points and was wondering what a winter drive from Denver to LV would be like, how long it might take etc etc, so any help is much appreciated!

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    Default Time and Money

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    I'm not quite sure what you have in mind, but it sounds from your post that you plan to fly into one city, either San Francisco or Denver, drive to Las Vegas (with 24 hours available for the drive) and then what? fly home from Las Vegas? There are a couple of problems with this. The first is time. Denver to Las Vegas is 750 miles or so. More than I'd want to drive in a day. Although it would be possible, it would leave both of you exhausted the next day. San Francisco is a more manageable 575 miles, but that is mostly through the broad, flat Central Valley and Mojave Desert.

    The second problem is monetary. 'Open jaw' flights, where you fly into one city but depart from another, are almost always more expensive than simple round trips between departure/destination pairs. Then there's the extra expense to drop off the car somewhere other than where you pick it up. That can be a couple of hundred dollars on top of the rental charges.

    If you just want to have an enjoyable 1 day RoadTrip, then there are several very enjoyable such trips from Las Vegas that would take you to great scenic venues without the added expense and hassle of trying to rearrange your entire itinerary to build in a drive.


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    I couldn't agree with AZBuck any more than I do.

    Fly into Vegas, and choose a day trip from there. You'll be able to see much more of whatever you choose, rather than just drive past it in a race to get to your destination.

    The drive that takes you out to the Hoover Dam, and then up north into Valley of Fire State Park (Hwy 147 out of Vegas, and Hwy 167 from there) would be an excellent choice. It's a great mix of man-made and natural wonders.

    Good hiking,


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    Thanks so much for all your advice - I've had a look at flights into Denver and home from Vegas and they're ridiculously expensive, so looks like we'll have to stick with the original plan and fly into San Francisco then drive to Vegas from there.

    Looking to celebrate my 40th in Vegas, and will be there for about 5 days in all, so I'm definitely going to have a look at one-day trips from there - thanks for the tip!

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    Default more direct

    Since you have limited time, and it doesn't sound like you're planning to do any sightseeing on the trip between SF and Las Vegas, wouldn't it make more sense just to do this as a round trip in and out of Vegas?

    I just don't see why you would fly into a city 500 miles away from your destination, when you aren't planning to do anything other than try to get to that destination as fast as possible.

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    It makes absolutely no sense to fly into SF and then drive to Vegas unless you take several days to explore Yosemite, Hwy 395 and Death Valley. The more "direct" drive is through the central valley, not exactly picturesque.

    Fly directly into Vegas and take a day trip from there. Even your lodging will be cheaper.


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