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  1. Default Minneapolis to Phoenix for Insight bowl :)

    Hi, I am a college student and two of my friends (possibly 3) have decided to go down to Tempe Arizona for the insight bowl game on New Years Eve, where our gophers are playing. It was really short notice but I looked up as much information as I could- weather, maps, stops, gas prices, even the cell phone reception in areas. We are taking a honda accord- which gets great gas mileage, and it is rather spacious. We are getting the car looked at to make sure everything is good for the extended road trip. This option was the cheapest option for us. We are leaving on Sunday evening around 7ish hopefully at the latest. We figured the best route to take would be I-40 through texas instead of coming through denver on the way there. None of us have ever been in an extended car ride- maybe 6 hours maximum. We plan on driving straight through. Basically, I need any advice you can give us; did I miss something? Should I look for anything? What should I bring in the car? The basics I get- take a blanket, first aid kit, food, that sort of thing but I feel like I am missing something. I have read through many articles (the last two days have been dedicated to reasearch for this) and it appears that going through Albuquerque is going to be rather dangerous. Does anybody have any advice. We need to get to the Mesa area before Monday night- is this possible? What can we do to make it happen, other than leave early? Like I said any advice would help! Thanks, I really love this site!!
    Maddie :)

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    That is a 1800 mile drive. Driving this straight through regardless of the number of drivers is extremely foolish. Under the best conditions with no stops whatsoever, this is 26 hours. Leave early and plan on 3 days.

    Fastest route is via Des Moines, Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, and Flagstaff.

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    Default its not the route

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I find it rather perplexing when people make statements like this:
    None of us have ever been in an extended car ride- maybe 6 hours maximum. We plan on driving straight through.
    and then follow it up with statements like this:
    it appears that going through Albuquerque is going to be rather dangerous.
    If you have no long distance driving experience and you are planning to drive straight through, then the route is going to be the least of your concerns.

    There are several problems with your idea. First of which is the distance. Its 1800 miles from the future TCF Bank Stadium to University of Phoenix Stadium. Even if you could drive straight through, stopping only for gas and other quick necessities, you're looking at a 32 hour drive! There is no way you could leave Sunday evening, and be in Phoenix before Monday Night without bending the laws of physics.

    But honestly, even that is only on a theoretically level. Realistically, there just is no way that you can safely drive this kind of distance straight through. Worrying about what the weather might be in Albq, or bringing blankets with you, with a plan like this is kind of like worrying about what potholes might do to your car when you're driving after drinking a case of beer.

    We'd generally recommend 3 full days of driving to do this trip even at a quick pace. If you are committed to doing a speed run, you might be able to push it down to 2. Even there, you are going to have to treat this trip like a job, where you are practicing the safe fundamentals of shift drivings. One person will have to be resting virtually at all times - not talking, not playing cards, but actually resting to prepare for their shift behind the wheel. You'll still be on the road for 16 hours each day for 2 days, and after that point, you really need to stop and get some quality sleep. That also assumes perfect weather conditions, which is a hit or miss prospect at this time of year, no matter what route you take.

    If you can't give yourself that much time, then you really shouldn't do this trip by car. Either look for plane tickets, or go watch Ryan Stoa and the #4 ranked Hockey Team in the Dodge Holiday Classic!

  4. Default Sorry?

    Umm, we don't drink- period, especially if we will be driving; that is something only a foolish person would do- rather long or short distance. I honestly didn't mean to offend you- I was just pointing out the truth, that we are inexperienced, thank you for your input.

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    Default missed the point

    I'm not saying that you would be drinking and driving.

    What I am saying is that trying to do a drive from Minneapolis to Phoenix without stopping is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Driving tired causes more crashes and deaths on the roads than you can imagine, but since there is no breath test for lack of sleep, its not something that can easily be legislated against.

    If you understand that driving drunk is a really foolish idea, then know that driving without a proper amount of sleep and rest results in a loss of driving skills that is very similar to driving drunk. The plan that you laid out doesn't give anyone nearly enough time to sleep, and thus would be very very dangerous.

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    Default The Voice of Experience

    No, you have not offended anyone here. No one accused you of planning to drive while drinking. Michael did compare the drive you presented as just as foolish as such an activity. Look, you came here asking for the advice of people with, by your own admission, far more experience than you have. I will tell you that such advice will be unanimous. You cannot safely complete the journey you are contemplating in the time frame you are allowing. Professional over-the-road truckers with millions of miles under their belt will tell you exactly that. And even with all their experience and equipment, there are laws which prevent them from trying it and becoming a danger to others on the road. While I don't have quite that much experience, I have driven around a million miles. I have, on one occasion, driven a thousand miles at a sitting, and on another driven 1500 miles with several friends. Most of the other regulars on these forums have done the same. Once. None of us recommend it. If you do, here is what is most likely to happen. You will leave Minneapolis on Sunday evening full of adrenalin, but none of you will have sufficient sleep, In the wee hours of Monday morning, somewhere in northwestern Missouri, the two non-drivers will doze off, leaving one poor sucker to try to drive through the night with no sleep and no companionship. If you're lucky, that person will have enough sense to know when he has hit the wall and have enough sense to pull over at a rest area to 'rest his eyes' and that will be the end of your grand adventure. If you're not lucky, he will try to press on regardless and hit something considerably less forgiving than his wall.

    I've been there, as has everyone who has responded to you so far. This is not going to work out the way you hope. You asked for advice and that's what you're getting. Listen to the voices of experience arrayed against your plan and find another way or more time to enjoy your trip.


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    What you really should do is check with the University to see if there is enough interest to hire one or more buses for the trip.

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