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  1. Default Denver to ?... suggestions?

    My boyfriend and I have 3 to 7 days to do a quick little road trip the week after Xmas. I just moved to Denver, and so I have no idea what's worth visiting in this area. Here's what we're looking for:

    1. A Denver round trip 7 days or less
    2. Natural attractions
    3. Winter camping is an option, but not a necessity

    Can anyone help by suggesting some good destinations or itineraries that would be appropriate for winter?

    (NOTE: Mountain passes are not an option for our little car...)

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    Default a tough limit

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is more than enough to do in the Colorado and Utah areas to keep you very busy. There are close to a dozen national parks that you could pick from that you could reach in a week.

    I really don't know of any car that can't get over a mountain pass, especially if you are sticking to I-70. If you won't cross any pass at all, then your options certainly become a lot more limited. You could look at traveling down into New Mexico, and while you'd still be going through moutainous areas it wouldn't be quite as noticable as crossing the continental divide.

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