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    So for the third time in 9 years I'm making the trip from one coast to another. In 2000 I moved with my family from san diego to Maryland. We took the southern route and stopped in Flagstaff Arizona, Amarillo Texas, and some place in Tennessee. The 2nd time I went from Maryland to Los Angeles with my aunt. It was August so we took the northern route and barely made it. Once we got into colorado her poor van just barely get over those steep hilly roads. At the end of January I hope for the last time I will be driving to San Diego from Maryland. I'm not out to sightsee because I did all that already. I just want to get to San Diego as fast and as cheap as possible. Oh and safely as well. This is the first time I'm organizng everything on my own. My dad and my aunt did it last time. I need advice on booking hotels. I'm worried about the weather since I'm going in the middle of winter. I just bought a brand new car so the car will definantly not be an issue. I have one other person going with me to help me with driving. Anyone have any good tips for saving money and time? And safety as well

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    If you are looking for the quickest route, then that looks like the I-81 - I-40, I-30, I-20, I-10 route. That is, of course, weather permitting. I would imagine your biggest chance for bad weather would be on the Eastern leg of this journey, and since you've been in Maryland for awhile, you know what to expect.

    As far as saving money, a quick search on this forum will reveal a wealth of information, but it boils down to do you want to camp or stay in cheap motels, or are you up to sleeping in the car at truck stops?

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    I ran Baltimore to San Diego through my mapping program. If you are willing to be on the road for 12+ hours a day, you can do it in 4 days. Fastest route is I-70 to I-44 to I-40 to I-17, 101 around Phoenix to I-10 to 85 to I-8. Your stops would be Terre Haute, IN, Oklahoma City, and Holbrook, AZ. If you want to stretch it out to 5 days - this would be driving about 10 hours a day - the stops would be Richmond IN, Springfield MO, Amarillo TX, and Flagstaff AZ. You are looking at 2700 miles, and the odds of bad weather are no worse than taking some other longer route.

    You should not need to make reservations - just drive till it's time to pack it in for the night and find a hotel, there are plenty of lower priced chains with substantial presence along all Interstate highways. Stop at some of them locally and pick up directories and toss them in the car. I'd suggest Motel 6 and Super 8 for a start. The farther out in the sticks these hotels are, the cheaper they generally are. With a directory, you can call from the road and find out availability and rates, and even research rates online ahead of time.

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