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    Default Route 36 or Route 136

    I'm interested in doing a full route, with limited time. I prefer if this route goes through Indianapolis and I have already decided route 40 is too long for now. Has anyone finished either complete trip before or visited any place off of these routes?

    I am just looking for good info, haven't completely decided on this trip yet.

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    Default Some Thoughts

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    Depending in why you're "interested in doing a full route", US-136 may not qualify, and with "limited time" US-36 may be too long. At around 1500 miles from Dennison, OH to Estes Park, CO, and all of it subject to towns and cities with their local traffic, signals and stop signs, you're looking at 4-5 days to drive it one way and another few days get to the start and back home from the end by Interstates, so at least a long week if you do nothing but drive. And US-136 might not be considered a 'full route' by some definitions. 3-digit highways in the US system are considered spurs off the main route (in this case, US-36). Still, if you have the time for US-36, it's route amidst Midwest farmland and by some old 'frontier' battle grounds in Indiana; through Hannibal, MO (Mark Twain); St. Joseph, MO (pony express); and termination within sight of Rocky Mountain National Park offers some interesting possibilities. If you decide that it's too much, take a look at US-35 from Michigan City, IN to Charleston, WV. That's a much more manageable 450 miles or so, starts closer to home, and would still offer some lakes, rivers, mountains and history.


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    I actually have up to 9 1/2 days, so by your description US 36 might be possible. I have driven I-70 from Denver & I-80 from Denver (I prefer 80).

    I consider 3-digit spurs a full route.

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    Default A Themed Trip

    If you follow US-36 then, a clear common thread of past lifestyles emerges with stops such as: Roscoe Village, OH; Billie Creek Village, IN; Lincoln's Home, IL; Hannibal, MO; Gen. Pershings Boyhood Home, MO; Pony Express National Museum, MO; Pony Express station, KS; Pawnee Museum, KS; Geographic Center of the 48 States, KS; the Stanley Hotel, CO; and a final grand stop at Rocky Mountain National Park , CO.


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    thanks for the quick replies

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