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    We have landed!

    First stop was Thrifty car rental. We had been hoping to get a Dodge Charger. Actually getting that car has been the biggest part of the preparation for this trip… Instead we ended up with a Chrysler 300c. Cool, but not that cool…

    Anywho, we headed out and turned south. The goal for the day was Cannon Beach. About 3 hours drive. We took the scenic route and used about 8. With no special plans or knowledge about the places along our route, we just decided to stop somewhere. We ended up taking a stroll in fishing village called South Beach. Everything was closed. Looks like they are only open on weekends in the off season, but we did get our first view of the Pacific ocean!

    We headed out, with our B&B as the next goal, as we both was getting tired. Just north of Aberdeen we saw two cool cars in a garden. We turned around and asked the guy if we could take a couple of pictures. We ended up with a great tour and I trip back in time, as King (his actual first name) showed us around his house and garage, filled with classic cars, rods and memorabilia.

    After an hour, we headed south again. It was getting dark and we where getting tired. We are just hoping there was not to much to see the last two hours on the road, as all we could see was the neon lights in the small towns we drove trough. 9 PM local time we came to Cannon Beach and The Blue Gull Inn. We headed into town (5 minute walk) and had dinner and a beer at Bills Tavern before going back and to sleep. It had been a long day: Oslo to Cannon Beach, 28 hours!

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    Default great report

    Thanks for coming back to share how your trip is going. Looks like other than the difference in cars, that you're on your way of having a great trip.

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    Default What a find.

    Hi Halvard,

    Good to hear from you, thanks for coming back and sharing.
    Cool pictures and quite a bonus stumbling across "King" and his collections, priceless. Look forward to hearing more!

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    We are currently in Portland. Took us 1.5 hours to get here. Mostly highways, but very nice scenic drive over some mountains. Not much to say about today really. Best part of town have so far been 23rd Street with small shops, coffe shops and places to eat/drink. Not sure if we will do some sightseeing tomorrow or just continue south... Pictures will unfortunately not be updated before tomorow.

    We have lots of more pictures than will be posted here though. They are at Picasa. Feel free to follow the link below to view them, at your own risk. We do not take responsibility if people find them strange, uninteresting or maybe even offending :)
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    Finally got net!
    Pictures on the road to and in Portland:

    And the rest:

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    Default Go to my cousin's bakery shop!

    Some of the best bread in the world is produced in Portland -- check this out!

    Say howdy to my cousins!


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    Default Fun report and photos

    You were in Aberdeen and Westport? Gosh, the bridge you crossed into Aberdeen is about 10 minutes from my house. I would have loved to have met up and bought you a brew. I could have tried to snakke Norsk (my dad was born in Sandnes near Stavanger).

    Well, I'll look forward to the rest of your reports but really sorry to have missed a chance to say hello.

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    Default Just missed it

    Mark: Your tip came in just a few hours to late. Shame. Would be nice to have some good bread, as the Norwegian standard is quite high and we have been eating bagels for the last three days.

    Judy: What a shame! That would have been some much fun. Know both Stavanger and Sandnes. Have been in Stavanger a few times and driven trough Sandnes even more. We have not decided on the route back to Seattle yet, so if we end up in your neighborhood we will take you up on that beer! Hadde vært hyggelig!

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    Default Newport

    The day started early in Portland. The weather forecast was not good and unfortunately correct. Rain, rain and more rain. Since the States generally is half the price on clothes and Oregon doesn’t have sales tax, we started the day with some shopping. We thought the mall was a bit small, but after about 30 minutes, we discovered the we had only seen about 10%.... Suddenly our shopping tour took 3 hours.

    That resulted in us hitting heavy traffic on the way out of Portland, and with the grey and rainy weather, not much to look at either.

    Luckily the weather cleared up when we got closer to the coast, and shifted to scattered showers. Just enough time in between that we were able to get out of the car and take some pictures. We were so fed up with the weather that we started planning to drive into the night to get as close to California as possible  That changed after a few miles along the coast, when we realized the scenery we would be missing. We stopped in Newport as planned, got a room with ocean view and are hoping for better weather tomorrow. Not much to say about Newport… We came in late, it is dark and raining. But seeing the small towns a bit up the coast, this must be a great area for summer vacations!

    Picture preview:

    The rest of todays 157 pictures -->
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    Default Nice photos again

    We are enjoying your report -- soggy weather and all.


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