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    We're are a couple guys from Norway who are planning a roadtrip from Miami to Los Angeles in February. We really want to make this dream come true and to be free to do whatever we want is an aboslute must. Therefore a car would be necessesary. Our plan is to follow the east-west route (route 10), but we are all under the age of 21 (we are 20) and therefore we are not able to rent a car, right? We are abit far away to go and have a look for ourselfs. Would be great if anyone knew about a car dealersship/rental company in the Miami area where it would be possible to rent/buy a car (rather rent than buy, but open to all suggestions). We would really appreciate all the tips we can get:)

    Erik and Thomas
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    Default Virtually impossible

    I'm sorry to tell you there just is no good answer for this kind of question.

    There are some places that will rent to people under age 21 for a very large fee ($50+ per person per day), although that tends to be in states where there is a law that requires companies to rent to people over age 18.

    Even if you find one that will rent a car, I don't know of any company that will rent to someone under age 21 for a one-way cross country trip. A round trip rental would probably be your only option.

    Buying a car as a foreign citizen is also a challenging task. Without some sort of US address, you'll find its virtually impossible to buy, register, license, and insure a car. If you can get beyond that, the costs and time associated with those same things make it fairly impractically to buy a car unless you are going to be on the road for at least a month or two.

    I'm sorry I don't have better news for you. If driving across country is your number one goal, it will be a lot easier if you wait one more year. If you just want to see the US, and you want to do it now, you might have to look at other transit options, like trains or bus, to achieve your goal.

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    Default Anyone older?

    Hi there,

    As Michael says, there is no easy way around it, to find one will work out very expensive. I think you may have to wait or another option is if you have some one close enough that may want to share your trip with you and is over 25 years of age.

    Good luck with sorting out your trip.

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    Thanks for fast answers.
    So if we're not able to rent a car, we will have to buy one. What if we do a deal with a car dealership which is located in both Miami and LA? That we buy the car in Miami and then return it to the same chain in Los Angeles, with a price difference on about 1000 $.

    Or what about a moving truck? I've heard it's other age restrictions on that...

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    Default Not easy.

    As Michael said in his earlier post, it isn't that easy I'm afraid. You would need an address of some sort in the U.S. before you could think about purchasing, registering and insuring it.

    I am not sure what you mean when you say "moving truck", but if you mean some sort of rig I would think it would be impossible to rent and no easier to buy than a car.

    I hope one day you can make it happen, good luck.

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    Default Lots more work but can be done

    This discussion will give you a lot of insight into the things you would need to have in place to make a car purchase happen. Also, don't be surprised if it's an expensive proposition because, with limited time, you're not going to have time to negotiate the best deal on your purchase nor the best price on your sale. But, if your pocketbook and perseverance are up to it, it's feasible.

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    Default creativity

    You are right that moving trucks don't have the same age restrictions, and you can usually rent one at age 18. However, you might not be able to rent one with a foreign drivers license (company policies more than legal ones) and if that was possible it would be VERY expensive. You would also be limited to a very minimal days and miles that you'd be able to make the trip across country - they rate trucks based on taking a direct route with minimal stops, and the charges for extra days and miles is very expensive. I believe U-Haul is now up to about 80 cents per extra mile. I do give you some creativity points for thinking about it, and you might want to look into it just for comparison sake - just don't expect it to be cheap.

    I'm sorry to tell you that your "return to a dealership minus $1000" just doesn't have a realistic chance of happening. You're just not going to find anyone who will buy into that concept, because while it would work great for you, the dealership would be taking too much of a risk and wouldn't get enough out of it to make it worth their while.

    I wish we had better answers for you, but the systems in the US just don't make it easy to travel on your own under age 21, unless you are a resident who already has their own car.

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    try Transatlantic r.v

    buy/buy back is what we are looking at for an RV but i think they have cars too.

    But i think its like a solution for foreigners who want to buy cars in the US. they register and insure the vehicle at their company but its your car...

    its basically like your idea but you will get about half what you originally pay for the vehicle back or less.

    hope this helps

    try searching for buy/buy back companies
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    Default good find

    Thanks for sharing the info for that company, and it does look like they will do the buyback option to anyone over age 18 and they deal in both cars and RVs. So that could certainly be a good option for a young traveler.

    However, there are some fine print things to look at. The buyback price starts at $2500 less than the purchase price, and 2 months of insurance for an 18-20 driver is $650 plus an additional fee if you have less than 3 years of driving experience. They also acknowledge that processing of the title can take up to 8 weeks, so they don't recommend it for trip less than 2 months.

    Its not cheap, but it is a way to get a car under age 21. If you've got the time and money, its certainly worth checking out.

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