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    Default RoadTrip --> Backpacking USA, what's better?


    I've been in new york city for about 3 weeks (take out 3 days in canada Toronto / Niagra falls), and I came here in matter of a road trip planned from the (east coast) to the (west coast).

    The situation i'm in is after working at a camp upstate new york for the summer and failing to find a person for the same trip.

    I'm searching for a travel companion or even 2, to join me on the whole american road trip, coast to coast, buy a used car and resell it afterwards, travelling within the big states of the us,
    for around 2.5 - 5 months...

    But, after searching for a while I've begun breaking down and thinking about the option of just buying a big backpack, taking sufficient clothing, and hitting the roads by bus, train, ridesharing, commencing couchsurfing and whatever comes to mind... starting from new york and west.

    I've been in actual new york for a few weeks, and i've gotten a bit bored, besides shopping and a nice night life, nothing much to see here, maybe since i've been for 12 days 4 years ago?

    I'm dying to check out all the national parks, some amazing art exhibits and galleries (not to talk about museums) and enjoy america...
    the down side of the backpacking alone, is you don't get to stop at diners on the road, and enjoy little things such as "the biggest ball of yarn" site in the countryside, which i would "love" to see... and see what's out there?!

    I've got a new sony a200 DSLR with some awesome equipment, and i'd love to get the photographs of my life, which i promised myself, I WILL...
    and meeting new people is what it's all about , on the way... i'm that sort of person that hits up a conversation with the john doe you'll see sitting alone next to the coffee machine or the water cooler, about today's dilbert comic in the paper smile

    So i'd like to get some feedback from people, what you suggest and think,
    I'm a 23 y/o , totally independent, and have been in some near-death new yorker experiences at night on the streets, how bad could it be?! big_smile
    and if anyone's interested in cracking up the continent in half together, Hit me up, i'm extremely flexible, have no specific dates right now, just make sure you get yourself over smile

    gonna be in Miami, FL from the 12th of september (tomorrow) to the 16th (tuesday)


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    Default perspective

    This choice really comes down to what is most important. If you are looking to do things on the cheap and in a setting where you are relying on others to help you accomplish your goals, the backpacking is a great way to travel. Probably the biggest plus with this meathod is that you'll meet lots and lots of people along the way. A roadtrip is a much more personal adventure of freedom. You can go whereever you want to go whenever you want to go. You aren't beholded to other people's schedule or route, and you can meet as few or as many people as you want along the way. You'll also usually pay a fair bit more for these freedoms.

    I'll also say that either way you travel, the key will be your perspective. If you think "there's not much to see" in a city as diverse as New York, I'm afraid you could be bored for your entire trip. You could spend months in New York and not be able to see all the museums and art exhibits the city has to offer. If you spend your entire trip looking for something that is "better" or something that meets the expectations you already have, then you very well could get to the end of the trip and discovered that you've missed all the things you were hoping for.

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    Default I didn't vote

    I couldn't pick a choice. Backpacking/hitch-hiking cross country is definitely not for this middle-aged woman....ahhh, youth! :) But I think it's probably a great way to travel and might give you the type of experience you're seeking.

    I have to agree with Michael that your perspective is what counts. And, yeah, I'm having a hard time imagining being bored in NYC, or any other place for that matter, after a few weeks, too.

    the down side of the backpacking alone, is you don't get to stop at diners on the road,
    Why not? You need to eat somewhere. And what better place to strike up a conversation and find your next ride?

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    alright... great guys
    decided to backpack, gonna go shop for some gear... need to get a backpack
    any suggestions? and more equip. i should add to that ?

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    Default Maybe a backpacking site or store would be more helpful

    While we have some folks here who also backpack, it's not really our niche.

    I have always had good recommendations from staff at REI. I don't know if they have a store in your area though. But I am a cheapie. I often glean advice from REI's website or staff at the store and then look for more reasonably-priced options. Websites like Campmor have really good prices on close-outs.

    Obviously, you're going to need a lightweight tent, sleeping bag/pad, and cooking gear. And to be able to carry your load comfortably for several miles at a go because you're not always going to have the pleasure of rides for every stretch of your trip.

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