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    So my boyfriend and I are making a trip from Nashville to SF. This is both of our first trips across country and are confused about which route is better (i-70 to I-80 and switching in Denver or I-40). We looked up the distance and it is not anything of significance but we are concerned because of the weather and mountains. We leave Friday and are worried that on I-40 we might get some of the storm and possibly tornadoes left from Hurrican Gustav in Oklahoma and Northen Texas. On the flip side we are worried about how mountainous I-80 is, particularly in Nevada. But we have never taken either route. My car is in good shape and can definitely make the trip, but it is a little bit older (1995 Nissan Maxima), so we are a little concerned about that. I-80 seems like a much more interesting drive. Should I be worried about I-80 at all or just take I-40 through the desert?

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    Of your two worries, bad weather on I-40 due to Gustav or mountainous driving on I-70/I-80, I can allay one. The Interstate Highway System is built to a set of standards that limit both the degree of curvature and the grade (steepness of slope). These roads are built to allow rapid movement of goods and troops long distances. If you have visions of trying to negotiate steep switchbacks, such things simply do not exist on the Interstates. In Nevada I-80 is actually pretty flat as it crosses the Basin and Range province and spends most of its time in broad valleys with only occasional transits through wide shallow passes. On the other hand, while I don't think Gustav will be spawning tornados as late as Friday, it is quite possible that it will still be dumping considerable rain in the Southwest.


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    I agree with Buck's thoughts, and if I-80 looks more interesting to you, then that's certainly the route I'd take.

    One thing about the mountains to add. If you were to go down to I-40, you'd still be dealing with mountains. You'd have to cross the southern edge of the Sierras, and then you'd be going through mountains in Arizona and New Mexico. Its nothing that an average car can't handle, but I don't think the elevation differeences between the I-40 and I-80 routes are all that signficiant.

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