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  1. Default English in the US! New York to LA

    We are from England and looking to drive across all or part of America for our honeymoon in July/August 2009. I was hoping people could give us some advice about our route, whether it is possible within the timeframe we have set and whether we are just heading in the wrong direction!

    The route is roughly the following, however we understand that we may need to stop at smaller places along to way:

    New York
    Las Vegas/Grand Canyon
    Salt Lake City
    San Francisco

    We know that by going from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City that would be quite a big detour but we both want to see the salt flats and drive down the coast road between LA and San Fran.

    We are planning on renting a car in New York (arranged before we arrive). We hope to make the trip in 3 to 4 weeks. We don't want to be driving all the time but understand that some days will be solely driving.

    Any advice would be very welcome.


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    Default Good Route, Good Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Great route choice! That will let you see a lot of the diversity of America. You're looking at something like 8 solid days of driving to complete the journey, so that still means two to three weeks of relaxing. You can adopt a very relaxed pace as long as you keep one eye on the calendar and the other on the map to make sure you're making sufficient progress, but this is not biting off more than you can chew. There are lots of diversions and sights along your general route, far more than I can list here, so be sure to keep planning and have a look at the 'Similar Threads' listed at the bottom of this page, use the 'Search' function at the right of the green tool bar above your first thread, and generally surf through the many posts here which describe others' trips that are similar to yours in whole or in part. The one comment I would make is that perhaps you should look at doing Salt Lake -> San Francisco -> Los Angeles instead of finishing up in San Francisco. Not a big deal, and it's actually just a shade longer, but it would let you see some other places such as some really wide open West and the Lake Tahoe area.


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    Quote Originally Posted by marklynam View Post
    We are planning on renting a car in New York (arranged before we arrive). We hope to make the trip in 3 to 4 weeks.
    You will almost certainly get charged a very hefty 'drop off fee' (hundreds of dollars) for picking a hire car up on one side of the country and dropping it off on the other. I would advise looking into this early on in the planning to make sure it does not blow your budget.


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    Most of those cities are the same ones I plan on visiting in the summer of 09.

    If you come to Los Angeles, definitely try to visit the areas surrounding LA Areas. Orange County, where I'm from. It is only an hour away and San Diego is only about 2-3 hours away and is definitely worth it. Also if you like sports, try to catch an Angels or Dodgers game if you could. It's the best thing to do on those hot summer nights in Southern California.

  5. Default Car Hire Companies - Different Drop Off Point

    Hi guys

    We are planning a summer road trip in July 2009. We intend to pick up a rental car in New York and then approx. 3 weeks later drop the car off in San Francisco.

    I'm aware that there might be a hefty fee for dropping the car off in a different location. Can someone recommend some good rental companies who offer this different drop off location option and any who won't rip us off for doing this?


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    Default Shop around

    Almost every company will charge some sort of drop-off fee, but there is no one company that is typically better than others. Since the fees are often based upon where they have cars or want cars moved, really the best thing you can do is to shop around until you find a price that you like, and then lock it in.

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    Thanks guys. Since my first post I've been working on possible routes. I've attached a screenshot of my spreadsheet. Could you have a quick look and see what you think. This is based upon a 28 day road trip and not driving for more than 7 hours in one day. The times and distances are rounded up approximations.

    I'm concerned about the car rental cost, especially as we would be dropping the car off in a different location. I've posted a message asking for advice about this in the Gear Up section of the forum.

    Look forward to hearing your opinions.
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    Default The best advice we can give you has been given

    See Midwest Michael's post above within this thread. (BTW, I believe your post from the Gear Up section was moved here. We do like to have all posts about a trip together in the same discussion.)

    Unfortunately, shopping around is your best bet for car rentals and there are so many variables that it's impossible for us to give you a recommendation of one agency. Most foreign visitors seem to have good luck with finding agencies within their own countries to help them set up car rentals. This might get you some discounts you can't get by dealing directly with the car rental agencies themselves. So I suggest you check out some travel agencies close to home to see what they can do for you.

    I'm sorry but I can't read your attachment. When I make it big enough, the resolution isn't good enough and it becomes blurred. I'm getting old eyes. Any chance you can re-type the information into your post?

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    Default not working

    Judy is right that your "gear up" post was merged back to this thread.

    I will also say that I can not read the attachment either. It ends up being too small to read.

  10. Default Stupid attachment!

    Sorry guys. Here is the raw info which was on my speadsheet:


    Las Vegas
    San Francisco

    So basically I've cut out Salt Lake City and also put in a couple more stops to make sure I fall under the 7 hour driving target.

    The total distance is about 3500 miles but I expect this to be more due to us wanted to go off the beaten track and explore between the cities.

    The total days at location (non-driving days) would be 19 out of 28 days total (flight in to flight out).

    I'm very concerned about the car hire fee. Basically we need to do this on a budget of no more than £2000 to £2500. Which is $3500 to $4400 USD. This would need to include flights from the UK, car hire, motels, food and whatever else is needed to have fun for 2 people.

    Any advice would be welcomed.


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