Firstly I am really happy I found this amazingly useful site...keep up the good work.

So have a few questions and requests for suggestions if you good folk wouldn't mind helping me out. I am planning on coming to Vegas in August, I will be there from 10th August until 20th August. A few friends are joining me and we are planning on starting our road trip on the 11th August.

Here come the questions!

1. We have a few things we definitely want to see, i.e. Grand Canyon, Monument Valley. We would also like to see Death Valley (I know that's on the other side) and was looking for suggestions of routes or things to see on the way.

2. We all enjoy hiking. Are there any really good hikes we should try and do, or is it just crazy to attempt that in the heat of August! We come from UK so not used to the heat!

3. We were going to hire a car, although someone suggested hiring a camper van and touring that way! Can anyone recommend whether that is a good idea, and if it is easy to find places to park at night.

Thanks in advance for your help.