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    Default Any travel insurance recommendations?

    Any UK members on the forum got any good travel insurance tips?? Does anyone know of a site that offers good rates??

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    Default which kind

    Travel insurance is pretty broad. Are you talking about general travel insurance to cover you if you have to cancel your plans, or insurance for a rental car (like in this previous thread) or something else?

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    Default Just your general insurance please.

    Just general travel insurance, nowt fancy. Just for instance, in the event of lost/stolen items, or accidents, or God forbid death??

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    Default Maybe this will have what you want?

    Insure Your Trip has 19 companies with 100+ types of policies (per their website4 info). I'm not familiar with it so can't vouch for it. Hopefully they have what you're looking for. I have only purchased trip insurance for things like cruises. I didn't even realize you might be able to do it for a roadtrip. Hmmmm....let us now what you think of their services so we don't direct people there in the future if they don't have good stuff to over. Hope this helps!

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    Default They're all pretty much the same

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_UK View Post
    Just general travel insurance ... lost/stolen items, or accidents, or God forbid death??
    Matt - If you're simply after straightforward holiday/travel insurance, I'd just visit somewhere like and stick your details in there. It'll give you dozens of possible policies. Personally I'd probably ignore the absolute cheapest and go for one of the names I'd heard of.

    Might be worth seeing how much an annual policy costs if you go away more than once a year. Just tick that box (or not, as the case may be).


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    While I'm not from UK, I thought you might find this post on lonelyplanet interesting.
    Apparently liability insurance is pretty important..

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    Thanks guys for your links and advice. Checking them out now. Just read that post on lonleyplanet. Very helpful. So many things to consider with rental insurance?? Bloody nightmare! Thanks again.

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    Default Complete scaremongering


    Pay no attention to that Lonely Planet post - it's nothing more than scaremongering. Go with any of the major rental companies (from experience I'd recommend Alamo) and their insurance will give you all the cover you need.

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