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  1. Default A 10 day Roadtrip ending up in San Francisco

    Hi, I'm visiting from the UK with a friend and are planning a 10 day roadtrip at the end of May - it needs to finish in San Francisco but that is our only tie. I also don't want to include California in any of this (I will have time to explore all of this afterwards). Do you have any suggestions of where we should start and what sites we should take in??

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    Default starting anywhere?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    10 days gives you the potential to start from anywhere in the US, but without knowing what sort of trip you are looking for or what sorts of things you want to see, I don't think its even possible to even start suggesting ideas.

    Give us a little bit more about what you are looking for and any ideas you might already have, and then we can start providing a little advice.

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    I see your point! But I'm fairly undecided and very much open to suggestions. I would like to see as diverse spectrum of the US as possible - mountains, desert, beautiful scenery, cowboy country - I definitely had the Grand Canyon on my list of things to do plus Las Vegas. My original plan was to start in Houston and head up through New Mexico, Arizona and then Nevada. But as I have no restrictions I wanted to make sure I'm not missing out on a far more jaw dropping experience! My trip starts in NY for 3 days and then up to Washington for 3 days and from there I can fly anywhere for the start of my 10 day roadtrip...

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    Default How about Denver?

    If you flew into Denver, you could visit Rocky Mountain National Park and drive through a beautiful state as you make your way through Colorado on I-170/50-550 driving on the Million Dollar Highway to Durango. From there go west on 160 to Mesa Verde National Park and continue on I-60 to Four Corners. Continue west to the Grand Canyon. You'll be going through some amazing scenery. The scenic vistas are wow....just wow!

    Depending on your time and energy at this point. You have a few options. Both good. You can either head toward Vegas and Death Valley on your way to San Francisco. OR you could head north from the Grand Canyon (doing a bit of backtracking at first) to see Grand Canyon from the north side (very different) and visit Bryce and Zion prior to going to Vegas.

    This is just one of many options available to you. But I think you would enjoy it. I know I would!

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    Many thanks for this very detailed itinerary idea. I will take it home with me tonight and may be coming back to you with more questions tomorrow!


  6. Default Denver to San Francisco

    Myself and a friend a doing a road trip from Denver to san Francisco at the end of May and we have 9 days.

    I am very keen to venture down into New Mexico but do you think this is trying to do too much?

    I imagine that we'll stay 2 nights in Las Vegas and 2 nights at the Grand Canyon so any suggestions on where else we should go would be great. We're especially keen to spend some time in cowboy country

    I will be travelling around CAlifornia at a later date so no need to inc this in the 9 days...

    I'd be very grateful for any tips


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    Default On the way

    If New Mexico is a priority, there's no reason you couldn't fit it in. A pretty logical path to the Grand Canyon from Denver would be to first go south to New Mexico, and then work across Northern Arizona.

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    Default Cowboy Country?

    I love New Mexico. It's a beautiful state with a wide variety of scenery, topography, archeological, and historical variety. While there is some cowboy types of things included in all of this, I'm not sure that they have more stuff to do with cowboys than other areas you'll be near. Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Arizona, and, really, the entire Southwest, are all rich in cowboy-type lore.

    What kinds of specific cowboy things are you looking for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chloe hill
    I am very keen to venture down into New Mexico but do you think this is trying to do too much?
    Is there any place in which you are particularly interested?

  10. Default

    I'm sorry to sound so ignorant but there is no particular place I am interested in visiting in New Mexico, I'm just keen to take in as much diversity as possible in the 9 day road trip so I'm really looking for suggestions/guidance.

    I'm a huge appreciator of scenery/topography but I'm also interested in people and cultures....if that's of any help?

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