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    Hello everyone. Well to start off over the past few months me and some close friends have been coming up with ideas what to do this summer. So far we have narrowed it down to taking a road trip around Florida (we all live in Miami, Fl and are all college students), Or taking a cruise somewhere. I am the type of person that believes every college student should take some kind of road trip with some of there closes friends. Well to start off I am just trying to get some info including which are some of the best spots to go see a large selection would be nice so me and my friends can chose a couple, and is it possible to travel around Florida in 2 weeks?

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    Well, some of my fondest memories of my early college years involve RoadTrips with my class and dorm mates. And I would certainly opt for such an adventure over a cruise where for long periods of time the scenery never changes. That said, you can see a lot more than just Florida in two weeks. Just a few of the places you could get to include the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Appalachian Mountains up through Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia, The Gulf coast all the way around to Texas, and the Deep South and lower Mississippi River. Any of those destinations could be reached while only driving around 200-250 miles a day leaving plenty of time to explore sites and attractions along the way. So talk to your friends and see where they'd like to go. Just as importantly, discuss your travel style. In the end, where to go, and what to see is up to you guys, not me.


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