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  1. Default Myrtle Beach SC to Los Angeles CA via Las Vegas NV

    Hi Fellas,

    Im planning to cross the great east to west coast of america this summer for 10 days with my gilfriend. I will fly from Ireland to Myrtle Beach SC on the 18 July but will not start driving until 20th and i will be travelling home on the 30th. After great disscussion with my girlfriend, we (or she!) have decided to take this route, stoping with the numbers at the start referring to days:

    1. Myrtle Beach-Atlanta (6hrs 31mins) (20th)
    2. Atlanta-Memphis (7hrs 20mins) (21st)
    3. Memphis-Oklahoma City (7hrs 22mins) (22nd)
    4. Oklahoma City-Amarillo TX (4hrs 13mins) (23rd)
    5. Amarillo-Gallup NM (6hrs 48mins) (24th)
    6. Gallup-Grand Canyon AZ (4hrs 55mins) (25th)
    7. Grand Canyon-Las Vegas (5hrs 46mins) (26th)
    8. Day stay in LV (27th)
    9. Las Vegas-LA (4hrs 32mins) (28th)
    10. Day stay in LV (29th)

    The reason for my post is that I was just wondering if anyone can see any faults with this route or stops?

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    Default Your route is fine

    And you will be going through some amazing scenery!

    Just as long as you are aware of a couple of points. First, I would add about an hour each day to your travel time in order to get a more realistic time-frame. Second, your schedule isn't going to give you much time to explore the cities you're visiting or the many things along the way in-between. But if you're happy with a quick "whistle-stop" tour (and there's nothing wrong with that if you're OK with that idea), then your trip should be great.

    Tip: When staying in a city for the night, you might want to get a hotel on the far western edge of it so you won't be dealing with much rush-hour traffic problems in the mornings when you want to hit the road.

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    Thanks Judy!

    The info is appreciated!!

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    Default Why Not Route 66?

    A lot of the way you're going is along the famous Route 66. From OKC to the Grand Canyon, you'll be running alongside it on the interstate, so if you get time, get off and check it out.

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