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    Default Eagle Pass, Texas

    Looks like I'll be heading to Eagle Pass for a couple of days about a week before I fly off to England for my cousin's wedding. I'll probably leave here on Thursday afternoon and hopefully arrive in Eagle Pass on Friday for the Saturday wedding and then scurry back to Shreveport. I've never been down to that part of Texas. Anything cool in that general area? Does anyone know anything about its sister city of Piedra Negras?

    Also - any suggestions on routes. Most direct route looks like I-20 to I-35 to US 57. But, since I have some time to play around I'm open to side trips or just better routes in general. Avoiding Dallas would be an extreme plus. No offense to Dallas - it's just a Laura thing.


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    Default On My List

    While I've not been to that particular corner of Texas, there is one thing I've always wanted to do if I ever got there, and that is to compare the real Alamo with the movie set Alamo in Brackettville. Your drive would provide a great chance to do just that. I think I'd also be sorely tempted to use US-79 as an alternative to get to Austin, saving about 60 miles and getting a chance to experience something other than Interstates.


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    Default Oooh - Good Idea

    US 79 is a wonderful road - and it doesn't go anywhere near Dallas. Thanks.

    I'll definitely have to check out the Alamo sites as well.

    I've never been to that part of Texas either. The closest I came was going to the Texas Orchestra Directors Associaion (TODA) conference in San Antonio when I was in high school. All I remember was being stuck in San Antonio at the convention center with no car. So I saw nothing, other than the Southern Music Company's headquarters. That was cool.

    This should be an interesting experience all around.


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    Default Never been there, but.........

    ........I used to work with a bunch of guys from the Tyler, TX area, and they regularly went to Eagle Pass and to Laredo for weekend partying across the border in Mexico.

    They were adamant about not taking their cars or trucks across the border. They'd walk across the bridge and get a cab to get around.


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    Default Coming Up

    Well, I'm heading out this Thursday evening. I plan to see how far I can get down US 79 on Thursday and play around on Friday. I have to be in Eagle Pass by 5:00 on Friday for supper, but I have plenty of time before that.

    I've thought about the Alamo, the Johnson Presidential Library as well as the George Bush (sr.) Library. Also, the Admiral Nitmitz Museum of the Pacific has caught my eye in Fredricksburg. Thoughts?

    Dumb question - should I bring my passport. I've already been warned that I'll be stopped by border patrol about 15 miles outside of Eagle Pass. Any ideas?



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