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  1. Default Northern Ontario To North Florida!

    me and a friend just spring breaked in north florida (fort walton beach, destin)
    it was amazing, met some wicked peole whom we miss alot, already!

    This summer we're dreaming of going back, but on a roadtrip instead.

    We live in northern ontario, Sudbury (4 hours north of toronto)
    and we want to go back to Fort Walton beach.

    I have the car, so ill be doing most of the driving probably...
    So just their any site that can plan a roadtrip?

    I need
    a. Directions, routes and states well be going through.
    b. motels, hotels, etc along the route to stay at...
    c. my friends grandparents drove down and said it took around 3 days to long did it take everyone else?

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    Default There are many sites to help plan roadtrips

    And this is one of the best of them! Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    If you search around, there are books and websites that will probably give you some kind of step-by-step roadtrip. Meaning, go here at this time, do this next, turn here, etc. But what fun is that? Why go on somebody else's ideal roadtrip.

    Part of the fun of a roadtrip is planning it and creating a roadtrip that is unique to you and your interests. This website excels at helping you do that. As you plan your trip, we can answer questions, point you toward resources, and give you tips based on our own experiences.

    I need
    a. Directions, routes and states well be going through.
    There are numerous resources to do this.

    First, you're going to need a good map or atlas. Check out our recommendations for some good ones to choose from. While many people use a GPS while on the road, there are still times when a good paper map is going to be your best friend. So don't try to plan a trip or leave home without one.

    Second, there are numerous route-planning software and online/web-based options. Here's some soft-ware based options. Online mapping/routing tools are also available for free. Check out our reviews of some of these here and here. You might want to play around with some of them yourself to see which one you like best and gives you the information you need in the format you like the best.

    All of these either software or online mapping programs will give you their version of the fastest route to get from A-Z. But they all also give you the option of customizing your route so if you want to veer off and visit something, you can tweak it to give you the routing you need to get there and back again. Very cool and fun to play with.

    b. motels, hotels, etc along the route to stay at...
    Unless you're going on some very small backroads, hotels/motels are easy to find. All the major chains have websites that give you their locations. If you want specific recommendations, you will want to work a bit on creating your route first. Then come back here and ask away. I'm sure you'll get a lot of good advice that way. But, really, if you just got in the car and drove until it was time to stop for rest, I doubt you'd have to travel for more than a few miles before finding a decent place to get lodging. They're all over the place.

    c. my friends grandparents drove down and said it took around 3 days to long did it take everyone else?
    Any roadtrip is going to vary. Some people might take 3 days, others 3 weeks. But your trip is roughly 1450 miles and we generally recommend that people limit their driving to 500 miles per day for safety and to give you a bit of time to enjoy the drive along the way. If you want to do it faster, please review how to do a speed run safely.

    BTW, I got the distance by using Google maps. One of the online planning programs not listed in our reviews that you might want to check out.

    Hope this helps get you started. Keep asking questions while you're planning.

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