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  1. Default Yosemite to Vegas Or Vegas to Yosemite

    Im flying in from Philly to Yosemite or Vegas. We are looking to see the great parks in the area in a time frame of 7 to 8 daysin eary July. Should we start at the Yosemite park area and go toward Vegas and then the Grand Cayon or go in the other direction. Also is all this possible in this time frame? I notice other attractions like the ghost towns. Has anyone completed this adventure, if so any advice on or first West Coast voyage?

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    I don't really know why there would be a difference going one direction or the other.

    As far as having enough time, that depends upon what you mean by the "great parks in the area." I can think of at least 7 National Parks "in the area" and that doesn't include some of the great state parks, recreation areas, and other natural wonders. 8 days will give you time to have a great trip, but it won't be enough time to see everything.

    Regardless, we've got several thousand posts about trips in this area, so I'd look around, search the forum, and read this fabulous field report.

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    Well, if you are up to a three hour side trip, Zion National Park is worth a look. I grew up there in 70's and early 80's. Nature wise nothing in Vegas can compare, plus it will be hot as hades here in July. Even Zion will be warm.

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