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  1. Default Honeymoon in Cali

    I'm looking for some suggestions for my honeymoon - I've been to San Fran several times and am in love with it and I've convinced my future hubby that we should honeymoon there. I've enticed him with grand visions of golfing at Pebble Beach. I would love to spend 5 days in SF - but then I'm thinking of maybe doing a drive along the coast..... Basically I'm looking for any suggestions. Better to fly in somewhere south and drive to SF? Or drive south from SF? How long is the drive from LA to SF? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. Default What's your budget? and how romantic do you want this?

    Hmm... Either north or south have their advantages. Personally, I'd go North to South, if I was flying in.

    I'd spend a night in Napa Valley (romantic bed & breakfast), then somewhere in the middle of urban SF (ride the cable cars, dinner in China town or Fisherman's wharf). Then a night somewhere like Carmel .. Then a night on the beach at San Simeon (there are a couple of hotels right on the beach that aren't outrageous expensive) after driving down through big sur, and visiting Hearst Castle. Then a night somewhere like Santa Barbara or Ventura (the 4 Seasons Biltmore on the beach just south of Santa Barbara is probably one of the "gold stanard" hotels for luxury... but pricy!!!). But then, its your honey moon. (And there are lots of other options along the way tooo...)

    In a pinch, its a day's drive from SF to LA down 101. You can do it in a day down the more twisty coast route -- but it'd be a long day.

    Lots of options for places to stay -- for example, on the southerly part there's the funky Madronna Inn (with different themed bedrooms.... ), or Sycamore Springs Resort (rooms with mineral water hot tubs...) or Solvang area (food and wine, as well as a Danish Themed town), or the Cliffhouse Inn on the Ocean, on 101 just north of Ventura (RIGHT on the water's edge, pearched above Muscle Shoals, a local's surfing beach.... ), or etc....

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