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  1. Default road trip in may New york to Texas

    Hello !

    I am planning to do a road trip in May. I am curently in the usa and a friend fromm france will join me in new york. Our goal is to join a friend in texas.
    We don't know wich road will be the best go by the north like NY =>chocago and thn go down or go by the east coast ny until georgia, new orlean and then texas.

    We will have between 15 and 21 days.

    We like to rent a car but like we are 24 it's maybe going to be to expensive, so i thought we could do a part of the trip with greyhond and a another part in car. I need advices !!!!

    About the budget how much do you think we need ? We want to see great things,my friends have never been in the usa before, so i want to show him the country and some cultural staff too...

    thank you for your help,


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    Is this the same trip as the previous one you asked about?

    Best is a tricky word here. Its simply not possible to say if going along the east coast and then over to texas would be "best" or if going to Chicago and then down would be "best" because that's going to depend upon what you are looking for. That said, since it sounds like you already have spent some time in the Carolinas, I might lean towards staying north just for the variety.

    Its hard to lay out a budget either, since you don't have even the basics down. Your car costs will be a big part, and taking a bus or train might be a good way to save some money. Your lodging, fuel, and food expenses will be your next biggest cost items, and those will depend upon how you go about this trip.

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    No, it's not the same road trip.... I went to florida two weeks ago, but finaly we took the bus directly to miami and then to key west.
    This time it's going to be a "real" road trip.
    The fact is that I know the usa, I already been to virginia, chicago, Dc, Boston Ny but not my friend. I was thinking that they will be more things to see for him by the east but I'm not sure...

    Do you think that 15 days will be enought ?

    I thinks that the car it's going to be too expensive and maybe we should take a bus and stop where we want to...

    if we go by the north, which place do you recomend us to stop ?

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    Depending, of course, on where exactly you're going in Texas, such a round trip from New York City would be around 3500 miles and so take a minimum of seven days to drive. So 15-21 days will leave you plenty of time to see various sights along the way should you drive. In that case, I'd recommend taking a slightly different route in each direction to/from Texas. However, first you're going to have to decide if it's worth it to drive. Since you are under 25, you will be charged a fairly substantial surcharge to rent a car. So if cost is really a factor, perhaps you should be looking at traveling by bus and train again. In either case, Chicago really is out of the way for this trip. If you drive, you should be looking at routes that generally go down the east coast (Philadelphia and Washington) then go inland a bit to follow the Appalachian Mountains (Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains), then either across Tennessee and down the Mississippi or through Alabama, Mississippi, New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. If you take the train, the Crescent would take you from New York to New Orleans where you would connect with the Sunset Limited to continue to Houston and San Antonio.


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    so if understand right, your advice is to go by the east coast and not the north...
    I think we going to take either the bus or the train, cause the car is arround 30 a day but we need to and 25 because we under 25 so it's 55 a day which mean 400 $ each and i did not count the gaz....and it's a lot of monney for us, in bus it will be cheaper, arround 200 each

    It's a one way trip. we might leave from texas or go back to nyc by plan, I think...

    We like to spend 4 days in NYC and 3-4 days in Texas, so we have about 10 days to do the bus i think.... bus at night so we can save money...

    spend 4 days in NYC, go to philadelphia and washington DC. I like to stop at Great Smoky Mountains National Park to camp. but from DC to there it's 24 h in bus, so i think we should stop fomewhere.... and then I don't know where we should go to join new orleans and finally Houston or Austin in Texas and stay 3-4 days there.

    Which place should we stop between DC and batton rouge?
    Are they cool sights that we should see...?

    Thanks a lot for all your advices
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    The benefit of taking the bus is that you can get off just about anywhere along its route. The bad part is that you can only get to locations along its route. So be sure to go over possible routes and schedules in detail. Between DC and the Smoky Mountains, a couple of possible stops, depending on how they fit with the bus schedules and your interests, are Charlottesville and Lexington. Between the Smoky Mountains and New Orleans or Baton Rouge, possible stops include Chattanooga and Tuscaloosa. Bon Voyage!

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    Great !!! Thank you for those advice !!!

    I found other companies who doing bus trasportation like, lucky star bus or apex bus... Are they the same in quality and safety as greyhond ? because for some trip they are cheaper...

    I need to see with my friend what he wants to do and what he wants to see.

    Do we need a tent to camp in Great Smoky Mount or can we rent something over there ? (i can't find that in teh website).

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    hello, i was just wondering if you really think it's possible to do from Boston to san francisco in 19 days (one way)? by like you said :

    New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Blue Ridge Mountains, Smoky Mountains, Atlanta or Menphis, New Orleans, Dallas, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco. And spend 4 days in Nyc and 3 days in san francisco.

    I plan to do it until texas but maybe go a little more far but do we still have time to enjoy the trip, rest sometimes and see enought of everythings?

    Do you think we really need to plan everything in advance or can we just plan the first cities, the last and see when we are on the road ? it will be my first real road trip so i am a little lost...

    Do you planned to do all the hotel reservation before or just for the first day and then adevnture?
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    First of all, lets start with the easy one, here is an article about the pros and cons of hotel reservations.

    As far as the rest of your trip, I think you need to get a little focus down.

    Yes, you can make the trip cross country in 19 days, but there is no way you'd be able to spend 7 of those days in NY and SF, and still have enough time to visit 11 other locations and actually cover the distance to drive cross country. You might be able to drive through many of those places, but your time for exploration would be virtually nill.

    You've still got the whole element of transportation to take into account. Remember, buses make frequent stops in small towns, but they don't run frequently. In many cases, if you stop in one city, you'll have to stay there until the next day when the next bus comes.

    If you decide to take the car route, you'll have more flexability, but you still need to ground your trip in reality. I'd start plotting a basic route and figure out roughly where you'd be each night on your ideal trip. You can certainly make changes both before and during your trip, but you should at least have an idea of what you hope to achieve.

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    thank you for the link and the advice.

    We want to enjoy our trip and spend enought time at each place if it s to do it and rush there no point...

    Do you think we should stop in texas or still go until san francisco but do fewer stop ?

    thank you

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