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    Hey all! A newcomer to these forums and a virgin traveller to the States, I would like a whole lot of help!
    I'm planning a month long road trip with my boyfriend this year, looking like it will be August. We are both from Perth, Australia and neither of us has been to America in any other form than through the movie or tv screen :)
    Have been doing a little research but still very vague on where we would like to go and for how long in each location.
    Any ideas on hiring car/s, best places to visit and any other helpful advise you feel like sharing would be appreciated.

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    Default start with the basics

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you're going to take the time and effort to come over the to US, then the first thing I would really look at is what things you want to do or see when you are here. There are certainly a lot of options, but even narrowing it down to a full cross country trip, or just keeping it to some regions will really help you decide what you want to do.

    Renting a car is a pretty easy process, so other than saying you need to shop around to found the best price, I'm not sure what help you would be looking for in that department.
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    Ok, so since the last post, my man has decided to make some decisions and now it looks like we might be taking the easier option of a Contiki tour (I know shock!!). I'm still interested in the road trip idea though! So because the trip it looks like we will be doing covers many northern states but not San Francisco, I want to drive up the coast from LA. Google maps gives this route as being about 6-7 hrs depending on the road taken. Does this sound reasonable?

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    Default "depending upon the road"

    Yes, if you stick to I-5 you can get to San Francisco in perhaps 6-7 hours, however that route does not go anywhere near the coast. If you are looking to take the Pacific Coast Highway for this stretch, you need to expect the drive to take 12+ hours - making it a two day trip.


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