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    Thank you all for the good ideas, and tips on being realistic!

    Midwest Michael-I see what you mean about the 101 and the 1 being the same in some parts. I was looking more at the northern part where they seemed to split off from each other. They looked like they were close enough to cross over between, but that is of course because on a map all the distances look small! But you are right..I'll need to stick to one road or the other-from the get go. Maybe I'll just see how early we can hit the road, and if early enough then take the PCH.

    AZBuck-Thank you for the warning about Sunday and LA. We'll just try to leave very early on Sunday....and hope the traffic is light! I think the weekends aren't sooo bad in LA...

    Judy-thank you for putting the options for day 1 so clearly for me. I think we'll probably end up zipping down the 5-unless we get up really early. Because I really want to spend a lot of time looking at the Redwoods. I didn't know Eureka was such an interesting town..I'm looking forward to seeing it now!!

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    Hopping between 101 and 1 is mostly a pain, as it involves driving through smaller one lane mountains where you can drive 60 mph if the weather is fine and you have no one in your car who gets motion sickness.

    Said that, there's a wonderful Redwood forest when you would drive to the Lost Coast from 101 (heading West). It's been the nicest place we've been to with Redwoods. We had to take this route (opposite direction) because it was already past 4pm (the Lost Coast really is worth two days if not three) and we still wanted to get to San Francisco to get dinner at some point.

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    I have friends who are from Oregon and tell me that during February you can expect rainy conditions and a lot of wind. From my experience though this is generally not a bad thing when concerning the Oregon coast. You don't go to the Oregon coast for white sandy beaches but for the greenery and spectacular rock formations.

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