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  1. Default Police car speed traps – help to avoid them.

    Yesterday I was going to my office and I was a bit late. I was speeding like “THE FAST ... AND THE FURIOUS”. Before reaching to my office, police trapped me and charged me a fine. I am now very afraid and I don’t want it to happen again in my future. So here, I am looking for an idea or may be a way that can help me to know about police car speed traps, speed cameras, and other road way hazards. Can anyone suggest me that what should I do? I will be grateful for your suggestion.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default How about just driving the speed limit?

    I tend to be a bit of a leadfoot myself but I'm probably pokey compared to you. Driving like that is crazy. Please let us know where you live and what time you are generally on the road so we can avoid you, OK?

    There are no absolutely perfect ways to avoid getting a ticket. And sometimes we just deserve it, don't we? There are some good radar detectors out there but I've never bothered. Most police in my area use instant-on radar guns so a radar-detector wouldn't detect them in time for you to slow down anyway. And many parts of the country use airplane surveillance.

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    Default Radar Detectors are Illegal in some states

    In some states, radar detectors are illegal and if caught with one you face a stiff fine on top of the speeding charge.

    If you want to avoid getting a ticket, the best way is to simply follow the law. If the speed limit is 55, then go 55. I admit that I've gone over the speed limit many times, once or twice in the triple digit range. The difference is I accept that I broke the law and had I been cited, it would be the result of my own stupidity.

    Sorry if you feel you're getting a lecture, but, you did kind of ask how to successfully break the law. You may want to read Bob Schaller's article on why not to speed. The faster you go, the longer it takes you to react, and the more chances you have of killing yourself or someone else on the road.

    It's not worth the extra few minutes. Slow down, please. If you're going to be late for work, be late. If it's a constant thing, maybe you need a new schedule. Either way, it's not an excuse for driving with reckless abandon.


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    Default Intent is not a trap

    Sorry, but you won't be getting any sympothy from me either.

    There are speed traps, where cops will sit at a spot where the speed limit drastically drops without any particular reason (ie approaching, but still a few miles from a town) and there are towns that intentionally try to fund their city through ticket revenue, and those situations are justifiably called traps.

    By your own admission you were driving well beyond the speed limit and likely unsafely because you were trying to make up for your own actions that caused you to be late. That is not a speed trap, that is police officer enforcing the law and trying to keep OTHER drivers safe.

    If you are afraid to continue driving like "The Fast and the Furious" then the officer did exactly what he was trying to do: give you a financial penalty for breaking the law and hopefully convince you to drive slower in the future.

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