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    Default road trip around West coast

    Hi there

    I am in ealry stages of planning my vacation in July 08 in and around the California /Nevada area.

    some background

    1 have three weeks ( 21days in total)
    there will be 3 in the party travelling, me, my wife and 16yr daughter
    we have travelled on many occasions in n Amerca before but not the west coast
    we fly in and out of las vegas
    we want to see and visit, San francisco, LA, Grand Canyon, as must do's.
    we plan to hire car out of Las vegas
    we are used to US accomodation, B+B ,motel, hotels etc

    does anyone outhere have any views as to

    the type of itinery we coudl accomdate, giving enough time in each of the locations identified above to do justice.shoudl we do internal flights as an option ?
    give any tips of other "must do's", and how to accomdate these
    things ,areas, to steer clear of - reasons etc.

    any views ,thoughts, ideas welcomed

    from Tony, an excited UK tourist


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    Default Three Great Weeks

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As the title of this post indicates, that general itinerary has been discussed more than once, so read through some of the previous comments to see what people have found worth while. Three weeks is a very good length of time, especially considering that moat of what you'll want to see is within a day's drive of Las Vegas (NOT within day trip distance, however). In fact, besides the places you've mentioned, which are mostly west of Las Vegas, you should also look into areas to the north (Bryce and Zion, maybe even Arches national parks) and to the east (Monument Valley and Mesa Verde in particular. Thanks for coming back - we can use the foreign exchange right about now.


  3. Default What are your interests?

    Hello tony s,

    What are you interested in seeing on your vacation? The rough location you're starting the trip gives you the option of visiting some amazing places of natural beauty (Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon, Yosemite), or more cultural interest (San Francisco, LA/ Hollywood/ Disneyland), or the beaches (California) or the deserts (Mojave, Colorado and Sonoran Desert environments), or the Mountains (the Sierras), or places in between and beyond.

    3 weeks is a goodly amount of time, but you can't see all of the west in that time. So the question becomes.. what would you and your family be interested in seeing or doing on your trip?

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    Default road trip around west coast


    good points

    I guess the easy answer woudl be , i want to see everything, though I know this is not possible.

    prioroties I guess

    Las Vegas - a couple of days
    Grand Canyon,
    LA- Hollywood, not necessarily Disney
    San Fran - tourist areas
    I have hear a lot about Yosemite, but don't fully appreicate what is there,and similalry have heard a lot about Joshua and Mojave.
    and it woudl be nice to have some rest days by the beach

    We jsut love the USA so we know that we can always come back and do more.

    In Vegas we are thinking of staying on one of the prime hotels, Venetian, MGM . Do you have any views ? I knwo there are different styles etc, and presumably prices are the same.
    when we are on our travels we usually look towards B+B and we enjoy the company and getting to know the locals, hear the stories etc, rather than stay in a motel, etc. Do you have any recommedations?

    perhaps , it woudl be better if I gave you an idea of our current itinery, and see whether you think it is do able, or better opitions

    your views welcomed on any /all of the above


    Tony S

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