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  • On or before April 30th

    0 0%
  • May 1st to May 7th

    0 0%
  • May 8th to May 12th

    3 17.65%
  • May 13th to May 15th

    1 5.88%
  • May 16th to May 19th

    2 11.76%
  • May 20th to May 21st

    1 5.88%
  • May 22nd to May 31st

    3 17.65%
  • June 1 to June 5th

    3 17.65%
  • June 6th to June 11th

    2 11.76%
  • After June 12th

    2 11.76%
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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Tioga Pass Prognosticator #5

    This is our fifth attempt at predicting future road conditions on one of our favorite mountain crossings in the American West.

    Tioga Pass which is found on California State Route 120 provides the eastern access to Yosemite National Park and is usually the last pass opened to the roadtripping public each Spring. As such, it has become the RTA harbinger for the start of the summer road trip season in the west.

    Official Tioga Pass openings in recent years:
    2008: May 21st (8:00 am) It is now official!
    2007: May 11th (this was an early one!)
    2006: June 17th
    2005: June 24th
    2004: May 14th
    2003: May 31st
    2002: May 22nd
    2001: May 12th

    The "Contest"
    You are welcome to use your predictive talents and if you manage to hit the correct date -- the RTA Editorial group will pay for a tank of roadtrip fuel in your personal roadtrip ride. Legal has suggested that we identify what this means.... So, for the record, the prize will be limited to $75.00 USD To win this prize, the date must be posted** on this Forum more than or equal to fifteen (15) days prior to the official opening date. (**Your "date" must be identified in a post on this thread...**)

    Last Spring, RTA Forum member, Kinless used his highly honed prognosticator skills and predicted that Tioga Pass would open for the summer, 2007 road trip season, on May 10th. Unfortunately, it actually opened at Noon on May 11th, so for the want of this 24 hour period, he missed the grand prize but earned the equally coveted title of dcTPP… (Which is also known as the official Darn Close -- Tioga Pass Prognosticator). Maybe you will be our official first TPP (no one has yet claimed that title...)

    Previous Predictive Efforts:
    Spring Opening 2006
    Winter Closing 2006
    Spring Opening 2007
    Winter Closing 2007

    And here are the Official Closing and Opening Dates for last several years!

    The Official Closing Date for 2007 was December 6th!

    Here is a photo of the current conditions at the Tioga Pass Entry Gate....

    Happy Predicting!

    Great American RoadTrip Forum Staff

    Current Record Holders:
    Prognosticators Extraordinaire To-Date:
    Tioga Pass Prognosticator Winners:
    Phil Boardman, (PhilB) Spring 2009 (Click here for news about this achievement)
    weirj Winter 2008
    ******dcTPP (Darn Close -- Tioga Pass Prognosticator)
    *************Don Casey (CalOldBlue) Winter 2009 Click here for the declaration of dcTPP winner!
    *************Lynn & Victor (Hotel Charlotte) Spring 2008
    *************Joey (Kinless) Spring 2007
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    Default May 12th is my birthday

    So, I am looking for a repeat of the 2001 opening date in 2008.

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default And the dart goes...

    May 17th. That's my guess. I'm beginning to think though that this dart is not working though.

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    Default Nice Weather today!

    Look at the nordic ski tracks in today's photo at the Tioga Pass Entrance Station!


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    Default later

    I think I'll throw in my guess at June 11th, but the way this winter is going, a date in April or July wouldn't shock me.

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    oh well why not?
    i predict the tioga pass will open on may 23rd

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    Default Let's try this again...

    Well, I'll give a shot for 2 years in a row and go with Friday, May 30th.

    I'm not doing any major roadtripping until the Fall, so I don't have a personal agenda to see the road open so early this time.

  8. Default Phooeey! My date is already chosen

    Can we get so specific as to suggest a time? 10:30 am on May 23rd.

    If that is not possible, how about May 22nd since nobody has chosen that.

    By the way, your forum made today, you might well see more votes coming in.

    Nice site, I can't wait to get out on a "see America" trip via RV, but that is still a few years away.

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    Default Thanks for the link to Trip Advisor!

    Quote Originally Posted by HotelCharlotte View Post
    Can we get so specific as to suggest a time? 10:30 am on May 23rd.
    Um.... This is the national park service you are referring to -- Last year, we tried to make it more specific -- but the NPS was reluctant to provide that level of data.... Thanks for the notice about Trip Advisor. Have you looked at the Tioga Gate cam today? Lots of snow covering the lens! It was clear and sunny a few days ago....


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