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  1. Default VT to AZ w/ travel trailer in Jan?!?

    Do 2 new Retirees in good health dare to leave VT w/ travel trailer & explore west to AZ in Jan?!? We are new to long trips pulling and camping in a trailer, but don't want to act too old to take on adventure!

    We'd like to do at least some of this on Route 66. Will we be able to find open campgrounds and other campers, or will it be generally to cold?

    (We don't have to be back for 2 months!)

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    Absolutely, get up and go! But the former New Englander in me that misses walks through the snow covered woods when it's 20 below envies where you are, seriously. I guess the grass is always greener...

    Anyway, depending on the size of the camper/trailer, of course, you really shouldn't be too limited in the kinds of roads you can travel. However, if the camper isn't well insulated and heated, I doubt that you're going to be able to get much use out of it in January until you get considerably south of where you are now. Commercial campgrounds and many state parks remain open year round in the south, so you should be able to find places if the weather co-operates. Old US-66 (now de-commissioned) started in Chicago and ran to Los Angeles by way of St.Louis, and Oklahoma City. Depending on weather conditions when you hit the road, you may want to try to get farther south faster and head down I-81 to Knoxville before turning west, picking up the old US-66 route around Oklahoma City. Once you're in Arizona, keep in mind that northern Arizona is several thousand feet above sea level, and so you can pretty much count on seeing snow around the Grand Canyon. We even have a ski resort on the mountain just north of me here in Tucson. However there are tons of people just like yourselves who come here in trailers for a few months in the winter (Snowbirds as they're known locally) and indeed, such travellers can make up the majority of some towns in the winter.


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