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    Default necessary foods to bring on a road trip.

    sure there are millions of restaurants. on the way from NY to LA but i was wondering what kind of foods everyone here gets when they stop @ at a convience store on the road and decide to do a bit of snacking. the list of foods must be wide spectrum has anyone here gotten something like chips one day and gotten something like Grey Poupon Mustard the other..

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    Default Pre-Stocking

    I seldom grab any food at convenience stores. Usually I go to the store before I head out and stock the car with munchies, cokes, water, fruit cups, fruit, and whatever else grabs me and won't spoil. It's just so much cheaper to buy in bulk that I try not to stop and have to get snacks at gas stations. Also, you can pack a lot of healthy stuff. On my last trip I actually stocked up on canned soup and heated it up in a plug-in tea kettle at night.


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    Default We have an entire department that addresses this!

    Quote Originally Posted by Roadguy10 View Post
    sure there are millions of restaurants. on the way from NY to LA but i was wondering what kind of foods
    I don't use convenience stores either. We have a series of articles about road food here and this article very closely matches what I personally use on the road.


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    Default Only one true necessity

    The only thing I can see being absolutely essential to a good trip on the road is water. Everything else is secondary. Now, that's not to say I don't snack. Pringles are usually a good choice (until you have to start tipping the can). I try to avoid anything that's going to leave crumbs everywhere.

    Anything beyond snacks, I like to either stock up beforehand, or if it is a longer trip, stop in a grocery store and get some real food to cook on the campfire.

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    Default Another full-size grocery store person here!

    Like everybody else, I stock up on healthier snacks and other regular foods from my pantry or the grocery store. I'm not saying I never pick up a snack but it's sure not a daily thing.

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