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    This is my first time using this...hope I do it correctly...
    We will be visiting family in Arizona in March. We want to see some of the sights, will land in Phoenix and rent a car. Travel will be limited to four nights, five days, in order to return to the family we are going out there to visit. Can we see the Grand Canyon in that time? What else is near that "loop"? Any help will be appreciated!

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    With five days to travel around with, you do have enough time to see the Grand Canyon, though the round trip is roughly 14 - 15 hours, so you'd want to split this up between a couple of days to make it ideal.

    What are the types of things you are interested in seeing? In that area you will find many great natural attractions. Since you're going to be in Phoenix for awhile, you may want to check out all that city has to offer, and the towns around there.

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    This is my first time using this...hope I do it correctly...
    Don't worry - you are using it correctly!

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    We are very interested in natural attractions, not cities. It is a long way to go without trying to see what is there...especially when "it" is the Grand Canyon. It sounds so massive...are there some areas that are better? Any hints would be appreciated.
    Where is Zion National Park in relation to this? Is it worthwhile trying to see that, too? Thanks so much!

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    Here's a short list of a few natural attractions and historic settings in the Grand Canyon area. It is by no means exhaustive, but should give you an idea of what's available. As far as getting to Zion goes, that really depends on what sort of pace you want to set on your trip. Zion National Park is near Cedar City, UT, and it is easily a day's drive between the Grand Canyon and Zion, 300 miles around the east and north through the southern edge of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, or 450 miles to the west through Las Vegas. So you would use up a significant portion of your 5 days to get to Zion. If that fits into your overall plan, then yes, Zion is certainly worth a visit. As you say, you'll have come a long way already to be 'in the area', but in the end you'll have to choose between spending more time driving between places or more time enjoying fewer places. It's a choice all RoadTrippers have to make and there is no one set answer.


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    Here's a possible loop trip in 4 nights through northern Arizona.

    Day 1 -- Phoenix to Grand Canyon (South Rim, Grand Canyon Village area, or nearby). A stops on this day might include Montezuma's Castle, Montezuma's Well, Sedona/ Red Rock County, or Jerome.

    Day 2 -- At the Grand Canyon. Do some short hiking, look around, enjoy the scenery, etc.

    Day 3 -- Grand Canyon to Kayenta, and visit Monument Valley. Spend the night somewhere around Kayenta.

    Day 4 - Kayenta area to Holbrook, via Canyon de Chelly NM, and Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Dessert.

    Day 5 -- Return to Phoenix. This can be done either via superhighway past Meteor Crater and Winslow, or over the mountains via Globe or Payson. The mountain route, while over good roads, would be the slower route.

    You can easily make the loop shorter by dropping things, but there are really some spectacular natural scenery and sights on this loop.

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