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    OK so I am planning on moving cross country for the third time and actually want to plan this time. I drove from Scottsdale Arizona to Amherst MA when I was a junior in college to move my car and some belongings out to school with me. After graduating I mistakingly moved back to AZ and am now planning to move back to MA where I belong. The first trip I took I-40 to NAshville TN then up north trhough Virginia and Jersey (this was aweful). The return trip 2 years later I went through Buffalo, to Cleveland, St. Louis, Oklahoma City and back accross the I-40. During the return trip I towed an 8 ft UHaul trailor behind my 2000 Honda Accord 4 cylinder and amazingly made it even though the back end sagged a little low. I also drove right through the remnants of Katrina as it hit Ohio and spend a few days soaking wet.
    In a few weeks I am hooking up another trailor to my small tow car and driving back again. The trailor always worries me and dampens my explorer spirit but I want to see some more places. The first trip I stopped at Graceland as the only site and the sencond trip the trailor and rain hampered all explorations. But I did do both in 4 days each.
    Wondering if anyway has been along those routes and now of any cool historical sites etc. that are worth seeing. I don't want to just go for the quick move again and want to add some adventure. Also thinking about what to bring, is GPS worth the investment. ONce I get to Mass I plan on doing more local road trips/camping trips and want to tour on a motorcycle to see a lot more of the country. Any input, advise, and words from the wise would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The first thing you need to be able to answer is this: how much time do you have to give to this trip?

    Four days is pretty quick for this trip, and wouldn't give you much time to see anything, really. If it weren't for the trailer, I could give some advice on fun, twisty roads along your route, but I think you would much rather stick to the more maneuverable roads.

    What was awful about your trip through Nashville and up to New Jersey? Was it the traffic in the NYC metro area, or something else? I find the route through Virginia to be one of my favorites, with many options for both natural and historical inquiries to be sated.

    It is important to have both sunny- and rainy-day plans on any trip. For example, in Ohio on a sunny day, a drive through the country roads would be right up my alley, whereas on a rainy day, I'd plan to stop at the Air Force museum in Dayton.

    Where in MA are you planning on moving to?

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    THanks, New Jersey was the worse part the last time. Even without a trailor it was hectic and way too many tolls. I think this trip I am trying to re-evaluate and load my car up and ship the rest so not to deal with a trailor again.
    I went to school in Amherst now I am moving back in with on of my old roomates outside of Worcester for a few months and then probably to the Quincy area.
    The drive through virginia was beautiful and loved that country but once I get to Mass I will be taking a trip to Virginia to see some relatives. This trip may be another quick one unfortunantly the friend I am driving with only has so much time off work but we may try to stretch it to 6-7 days allowing a few stops.
    My favorite are the historucal sites, stopped by Jefferson's house the frist trip but it was too early in the morning to get a tour. Its just hard driving down the Interstate and knowing good places to get off and explore without a little pre-planning.


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