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  1. Default Seattle -> South Bend Indiana

    I'm making a lone roadtrip to Notre Dame from Seattle for college. Does anybody have any advice on this route (along I-90)?


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    Default In General...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Budget at least four days for the trip, more if you really want to see some of the sites you'll be passing by. You'll be coming close enough to Yellowstone to make it a worthwhile side trip, but only if you can add a day to the aforementioned four. Other notable places along the way include the Little Bighorn Battlefield, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, and the Corn Palace.


  3. Default thnx


    Do you know what kind of speed limit there is along the road? And Road condition? Just so I know how to plan for motel and such.

    One more thing, Do you know if it's a good idea to drive through Yellowstone?

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    Default Vague Generalities

    You can expect the speed limits along the rural Interstate portions of your trip to be 70-75 in the west, lower (around 60) in urban areas. Road conditions are subject to weekly, if not daily, change as states initiate and complete repair projects. Most states maintain websites where conditions on the major highways are listed. Check in with these a day or two before you leave for the latest information. Yellowstone is the first and still one of the very best national parks. If you can find the time to do it justice - I believe I recommended a day - do so.


  5. Default Driving at night

    Is it wise to drive at night to avoid the heat along I-90?

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    Default What heat?

    How hot are you expecting it to be that you would even be concerned about it?

    It can certainly get hot as you cross the northern plains, but even the hottest days rarely get much beyond the 100 mark.

    The short answer is no. The "heat" will cause very few problems for a well maintained car. Driving at night increases your safety risk on a large number of fronts, so this idea just wouldn't make sense.

  7. Default Bed Bugs

    I've heard horror stories and bed bugs. How often do people encounter them?

    Can anyone share their bed bug experience at cheap motels?

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    Default Never

    I've stayed in a wide variety of cheap motels, some that were great, some that were dirty, and some that were in between, but I never have encountered the problem.

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    I, too, come from the Seattle area, and I can tell you that temperatures of 100 degrees sound deadly to us! I can see why this person was asking about the heat....we just don't see that sort of heat around here!

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    Default It's not so bad

    It's not deadly but, if you're not used to it, it's wise to take a few basic precautions. Take a look at this thread about driving in the desert for some tips on how to recognise heat exhaustion and how to prevent it. The majority of the information on the thread will not be of interest but it never hurts to have a read and be prepared!

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