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    HI all, we are from england and just planning a little road trip mid september for two weeks. The plan is a bit up and down at the moment and could do with a bit of guidance on the trip. At the moment the plan is to fly into New york on the 16th then on that day fly up to portland and pick the car up on the 17th then either drive straight up to pei island and spent a couple of days there. We will then have 10 days of driving around and found that it is cheaper to drop the car back off a portland, the places we would like to visit include arcadia and properly portsmouth as that is my home town in england!
    Things that we are into are for the wife anna green gables hence pei island and for both of us walking kayaking, scenic viewing and just travelling around seeing different people and enjoying life. Wouldn't mind getting a bit of climbing in one day but not that bothered as won't have any of my kit. Route suggestions please let me know, budget is £1500 excluding transport costs

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I did a quick search on the forum, and PEI doesn't seem to come up very much - I did find this post.

    Maybe Gen will pop in and be able to offer you some suggestions as this is closer to her neck of the woods.

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    what does the average motel cost in america, what chains are the best in america?

    lets hope some people can offer advise thank you for this! information
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    hi, i actually came here hoping to get travel advice, not give it, but theres not much for eastern canada...

    anyway, as for a route, there are a couple of good routes from portland to pei, the first being to ferry either from portland or bar harbour further up the coast over to yarmouth, nova scotia, then drive around the coast on the 103, check out lunenburg, up to halifax, north to caribou, and ferry over to pei. check out also and for ferry info.

    otherwise, drive north through maine (sorry, i dont know much about what to see in maine) and through new brunswick to the confederation bridge to pei. nb has great scenery, on your way check out fundy national park and the hopewell rocks, among other things.
    see for some more ideas.

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    Default Portsmouth, Portland, and Prince Edward

    Portland, to PEI is over 500 miles. That will probably prove to be a bit too much after having made the trans-Atlantic flight and making the connection to Portland the previous day, particularly since most of your driving will not be on motorways. The ferry option from Portland to Yarmouth is a possibility but would only save you about 125 driving miles and you'd miss the coast of Maine! So here's what I think might make a better general plan. On your first day on the ground, take it easy. Sleep in and then when you feel up to it head down to Portsmouth, It's only about 50 miles from Portland and it's a straight shot on I-95, the Maine Turnpike (toll). Portsmouth is a lovely small city. I worked there for about a dozen years. If you take the first exit off I-95 after you cross into New Hampshire and turn left, that will be Market street and it will take you right into downtown. Find a place to park and walk around. Sights to see are Market Square, the tugboats along Ceres Street, Prescott Park and Strawbery Banke. Anyone in town will be happy to give you directions and it's all within walking distance. On your way back up to Portland, consider a stop in York, ME to see the Nubble. You'll have plenty of opportunities to see picturesque lighthouses, but this one has a special place in my heart, and it has one of the most dramatic settings you'll find. Then spend the evening in Portland, relaxing, dining and perhaps walk the Eastern Promenade.

    Now with a day of relaxation under your belt you'll be in better shape to tackle the main portion of your trip. I strongly recommend that you take US-1 and just follow the coast. Take some time to drive down some of the peninsulas that jut out into the ocean. Two of my favorites are to take ME-24 out to the end of Bailey Island or ME-130 south from Damariscotta to see Colonial Pemaquid. Another worthwhile stop along the way (there are more than I can count) is the town of Camden. Of course, Acadia is a must. Lots of good hiking and hill climbing. Another great national park is Fundy in Canada. It's a bit off the main highway, but is a great place to see the incredible Bay of Fundy tides. This could go on forever, but just a couple more things. There is now a bridge connecting PEI with the mainland, but I believe that the ferry is still operating and that there is a special package that allows you to use the bridge for one crossing and take the ferry for the other. I'm a fan of ferry crossings, so I'll recommend that as well. And, of course, Green Gables in Cavendish.

    Just a few final details. Motels typically can be found for $50-100 (£25-50) per night. But this is high season where you'll be travelling, so expect prices to be at the upper end of that and hope to be pleasantly surprised. And kayaks and canoes are generally available for rent at most places where you might want to try that for relatively reasonable rates.


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    I think we may miss portsmouth, on the way out what is short from portland. thinking bar harbour first port of call sensible or not?

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    Portland to Bar Harbor would make a relatively easy first day, but still leave a not-too-bad second day to get to PEI. Considering all there is to see and do along the way, I wouldn't try to push too much farther. Now Bar Harbor is a very lovely town with lots of accommodations but, as I said, it is high season. If you can't find suitable lodging in Bar Harbor itself, Ellsworth is your next best bet.



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