I've been browsing the message boards for a while learning so much for my upcoming trip this summer. My husband and I are teachers and our prerequisite before starting a family is a cross-country trip, so here it goes! We will be gone July21-Aug26 in my Corolla with a tent, an air mattress, two sleeping bags, a cooler, and a camping stove!

I'm looking for any advice about places to see, and if our time limits seem reasonable. We don't have a lot of have-to's right now for our trip, which is the way we wanted it, if something looks fun we want the time to go and see it. But I am still looking for options of routes and things to see. Here is a VERY loose plan of what we will be doing this summer:

July 21- Leave Boston- Spend two nights in Rochester, NY with friends-see Niagra Falls

July 23- Leave for Cleveland, OH- spend two nights- Red Sox game against the Indians planned for the 24th! We're thinking of going to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, anything else cool to see?

July 25- Leave Cleveland to see Middletown and Lancaster (?) Ohio, family stuff!

July 26th- Aug3rd- Is unplanned- We need to be in Seattle by Aug 3rd for a Red Sox Game we have tickets for. We were thinking of going north through Chicago, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming (Yellowstone, would love to see Grand Teton)- I have a friend in Denver I would love to see for a couple of days, but don't know if this would be a better visit on our way out west or coming back home. Any advice here would be helpful!

August 3-5- Seattle- Red Sox game, and I want to see Mt. Rainier. This is my "it" place for our trip, I've always wanted to see Seattle- any other suggestions on what to see here?

August 5-10 (probably give a day or two)- Driving down the west coast stopping along the way in Oregon and California- our end destination here is Riverside, CA to visit with family for a couple of days. We are looking for any info on what is great to see in Oregon- will do the Redwoods in CA, want to do a winery tour.

In giving time to see things on our way home, we may leave CA on or around August 14th? That gives us 12 days to travel home back to Massachusetts. We want to go to Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, maybe Bryce Canyon, Memphis TN, then up the east coast back home. I think we have enough time to see what we want, but then again we have no idea, the country is so huge!

Any advice at all is helpful, thanks! Kate