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    Hi all!

    I'm planning a road trip between New Orleans and Houston. Any "must-see" things on the way? I wanted to stop by a plantation perhaps (I've read about the Laura plantation). I was also thinking maybe a few hours in Baton Rouge, any suggestions on things to do here/places to eat? Anything else I should see on the way?

    Thanks!! =)


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    ...along that route would be Avery Island where you can stoke yourself up with a tour of the Tabasco factory and then calm yourself back down with a visit to their Buddhist shrine. You could take some time off the main road and instead wander the Creole Nature Trail. While in Baton Rouge, try to fit in a visit to the Old State Capitol. It's been many years since I was last there, but I really enjoyed the views of the Mississippi and learning about Huey Long.

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    Default Lots of Must See Things

    I visited Laura Plantation around 2002 and had a blast. It's just about a mile down the road from Oak Alley Plantation.

    You can take Highway 90 into Houston instead of I-10 and explore some real Cajun country.

    Not too far from Avery Island is New Iberia, LA where Shadows on the Teche is. It's another beautiful old plantation home. The cool thing about it, though, is that the family never threw anything away. So, they have all sorts of documents, receipts, clothes, cooking utensils, etc.

    I really enjoy Lafayette. It's got a lot of old Churches to explore and is cool town in general.

    This is a good trip to just forget about the must sees and follow your nose or the signs. There are a ton of restaurants along the way that look kind of nasty on the outside, but are wonderful. I just watch to see how many cars are in the parking lot.

    Have Fun!


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